Fulfilled Prophecy #38.4 – more insights into In The Beginning

Honestly, I just can’t make this up! After a totally unscheduled week that was rolling in ‘the dice’ of God’s numbers, upon switching TV over to internet on Wednesday night this was sitting plumb-centre of the screen!

After taking Nina to her singing lesson and choir session with Encore Choirs because her car was under emergency repair, I returned home and thought of checking YouTube via the TV whilst having supper. Only very occasionally do I dip into there and watch one or two short items only.  SO, with hot cuppa tomato soup and ham sandwich in my hands I sat on settee and switched on the tv.  After selecting YouTube my jaw dropped upon seeing the above screen featured slap-bang in middle of its home page!!!!

It’s absolutely amazing because the last thing I’d done online was to reply to a misunderstanding over the update from Jonathan Hill on the timing of Brexit, as well as his controversial idea on The Rapture.

This video demonstrates the principles of encoding prime numbers, and of reflective symmetry within the first Hebrew letter-numbers of Genesis! IT IS MIND-BLOWING!!

MOREOVER, the narrator doesn’t even draw attention to the fact that the middle two-lettered word does not get translated in the Bible – it is Aleph-Tav, or in Greek, ALPHA-OMEGA! Thus the identity of Jesus Christ as given in Rev 1:8 is buried and hidden in the opening verse of the Bible!

This is a very different approach to that of Jonathan Hill in his first book Unlocking the Sign Miracles of John, but based upon the very same principles of numerical encoding. Please do not fail to watch and thereby gain a revelatory insight into the Holy Word of God – Surely, it will never be the same to you again…Be Blessed…

Can’t wait to tell you about the fun I’ve been having with the Lord over simple numbers of dates and mileage, and getting prophetic confirmation, but am in exceptionally busy period…

1 thought on “Fulfilled Prophecy #38.4 – more insights into In The Beginning

  1. I am no scholar but I love The Lord. These revelations of both the Hebrew and Greek are mind blowing. “I am the First and the Last” is in Revelation 22:13 and also in Isaiah 44:6. Written centuries apart and both pointing to Jesus. Once again my thanks for sharing. You have no idea what it means to me personally.

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