A vision of radical changes within Parliament

Thank you to Matthew Holman (HearYourWayBristol) for kindly permitting publication of what he posted today in Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival (Facebook group). As with all words and visions, it’s for your weighing with the Lord and scripture:

‘I had a vision of the Houses of Parliament. A bell was being rung from inside and it made everyone stop and pay attention – like a fire alarm but a traditional hand rung bell mounted on the wall. People were coming from all over to gather around Parliament. Even the Thames stopped flowing!

‘Then as the bell was still ringing, and the sound was reverberating the whole inside of the buildings, a tannoy-style speaker appeared from the clouds and God was speaking over Parliament (and therefore the nation) and all who had gathered could hear His voice.

‘I then heard the words “Even the stones shall cry out” and I saw in the spirit the very stones of the building proclaiming God’s truths [Footnote refers: RB]. But also I saw that they knew everything historic that had taken place in the buildings of Parliament – seen and unseen, and that their knowledge was released. I then got the scripture within Luke 19 (vv 39-40):

And some of the Pharisees in the crowd said to him, “Teacher, rebuke your disciples.”  He answered, “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.”

‘From this I saw the voices – of those who know who they are in Christ – rising up. They walked into the chambers and began to worship, whilst those who had their own agendas and love of money were kept in the hallways shut behind the big doors.

‘I then had the scripture: “And the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous”. I saw vast sums of money and gold laid on the central table (like an altar) and the fire of heaven came down and melted and refined the money and gold. As it was purified and turned liquid it went out into the nation like veins – like a golden river. It stretched to all parts of the UK. And also went into the walls of Parliament as like a declaration of re-purpose.

‘At this time I saw a hit in the stock market – that God was showing his authority over money and that money is a mere tool for the advancement of his Kingdom and for the equipping of saints. I then heard the words, “What would those who rely on money rely on when there is none?” I felt an invitation into God’s love for those who don’t know what it is to rely on God as a good Father. I saw the power of the love of money being broken.

‘Then as the golden river was flowing out there was an earthquake in the nation that shook ALL foundations. The ground began to split open and those foundations were revealed. I then heard the words “We will build on ancient foundations” I saw pillars being revealed from under the earth.

‘I saw those things that had been built on false foundations collapse into the voids – churches included. I saw those who had built already on ancient foundations stood strong! I then felt like the reaction to this would be for those on the strong foundations to say to those in the void “I told you so”, but I then saw this turn into an invitation once again. I saw people reaching their hands into the void to help people up onto their foundations and as they did, instead of saying “I told you so”, they were saying “God loves you so” – God was inviting people to join in the land that they did not labour for. I saw a rich blessing fall over the nation when those in Christ and who have built on ancient foundations of God’s truths reached out in love to those who had fallen into the voids.

‘The whole vision felt like a re-calibration. That the shaking and the fall of the power of money is just an invitation to come into love. To be part of the Gospel. To know worth, identity and destiny. I saw a national revival break out as peoples’ priorities changed and their love of money broke and they saw what it is to rely fully on God. We have an invitation to rebuild like never before. I feel that Christian voices will be risen up in parliament and that people will know the fear of the Lord in that place. I see huge resources for the sectors that work with the most vulnerable and those on the fringes and unseen.

‘We must pray and ask God for his perspective. That chaos is only chaos when we focus on the situation rather than God’s voice. That his voice brings everything to heavenly order.

‘Will you have your ear to the ground to hear it coming? Listen out for the bell ringing in Parliament.

‘I heard Father give this scripture as a summary: Matthew 6: 19-33

‘Blessings x’

Footnote: Gillan Scott blogs ‘…It’s not just the architecture that evokes a strong sense of the Christian heritage that is bound up in the heart of this place.  The Bible is literally at the centre of the Houses of Parliament. Inscribed into the stone floor of the central lobby are the words from Psalm 127 written in Latin, ‘Unless the Lord builds the house its builders labour in vain.’  – God is in the House(s).

[Houses of Parliament photo courtesy FreeDigitalPhotos.net]

3 thoughts on “A vision of radical changes within Parliament

  1. This is what I have been waiting for, it is long overdue, money is the root of all evil, too many have lost sight of what is important, our nation needs to get back its belief and love of God, Amen

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