Can you help me please?

In preparing for a prophecy conference I’m compiling a brief history of the prophetic in the UK and will list currently active ministries.

If you’re aware of others in addition to those listed below, please would you email me as soon as possible at stating their name, location, names of leader/s and website address.

    • Christian International Europe (Windsor – Revd Dr Sharon Stone)
    • Fleet Baptist Church, Hants (Revd Christopher Bird)
    • Fire Ministries International (Elgin, Moray – Malcolm & Alyson Sim)
    • Glasgow Prophecy Centre (Emma & David Stark)
    • Ignite Ireland Ministries (Facebook – Veronika West)
    • Inter-Prophetic Alliance (Whitstable – Robin Jegede-Brimson)
    • Living Word Church Network (Fareham – Revd Christopher Wickland)
    • Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival (Facebook – Geoffrey Pick)
    • School of the Prophetic (Leicester – Simon Braker)
    • Speakers of Life (Whitley Bay,- Mark Birch-Machin)
    • Torchlighters International Ministry (Bromley – Leisa Ebere)
    • UK Awakening (History website – Michael Marcel)
    • UK Wells (Map website – Michael Marcel)

Thank you very much in advance.

11 thoughts on “Can you help me please?

  1. In answer to your request, I think Issachar Ministries should be included; this is the prophetic arm, if you like, of Prophecy Today, and it is usually through this channel that David Noakes gives his prophecies. Still led by Clifford and Monica Hill. It occurs to me that prophecy is an integral part – but not the only aspect – of many other Christian ministries, so any list which includes only, if you like, “full time” prophetic people is bound to be incomplete. Take Jarrod Cooper and his church in Hull (?) who have given many prophetic words but are also involved in other areas. Have fun! bless you both Rosemary


    • Many thanks Richard and not too late at all. I was hoping for input to help me for tomorrows video conference with Yinka in prep for Feb’s One Voice conference – and I’d heard of Mark but didn’t have details; as well as wondering what happened to Graham Cook and can add that info from Mark’s site to potted history I’m also preparing. That latter item will refer to prophetic work done at Bath 10-15 yrs ago and as our dear mutual friends M&J and you too haven’t mentioned it in recent years I take it Liz Evan’s ministry Love Has A Voice is only Bath area prophecy ministry??


  2. My wife and I operate a monthly prophetic workshop in Tunbridge Wells and this has been running for some 4 years, also a remnant of “London Prophetic Forum” meet every 6 weeks for workshop and prayer etc.

    I don’t think this fits your criteria, but thought I would give this a heads up.

    I am known to Geoff Pick and Chris Moyler.

    If of any use , it is yours to use

    Martin and Corinna Perry


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