Leisa Ebere: Favour to the Nations Prophecy

Lesia writes, “My team and I have been on a God-ordained assignment praying over Paris.  And since that time, I have received this stirring Prophecy from the Lord about His favour being extended to many nations.  Hallelujah!!! “:


given to Leisa Ebere on 20thAugust 2019 

“I am opening up ancient gates,” says the Lord, “for there is a residue of My Spirit from those times that is not yet understood by My Remnant in this present age. Walking by My Spirit cannot be earned or even aspired to,” says the Lord. “For this is the hour where the garments of Christ-likeness must be as easily worn as a well-loved cloak,” says the Lord. “It must be as a second skin, as My voice whispers direction and a boldness to action My Will is birthed within you.”

“My children, dark times have promoted the rising of false witnesses in pulpits and government positions. Can you rightly divide the good from the evil? Only My Spirit provides a sceptre of righteousness and a rod of authority to help dispel all confusion. Press in and listen closely,” says the Lord, “for I have chosen nations for My Purposes; but My People must Arise to carry out the plans I have made for them. I am now granting favour to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, and even portions of Germany in Bavaria and that of the Principality of Liechtenstein. But intercessors must be swift to heed My leading and prophets and apostles ready to establish My Will with courage and stamina. For I am taking the embers of My Fires and causing them to catch alight for the Final Harvest. Other nations will be touched by the shaking of these favoured nations and even America shall reap resounding victories as a result of the upheaval of these nations by My Spirit, Stand and Receive the forecasted winds of change.  For surely the time is upon You,”says the Living God.

Bless you,

Leisa Ebere
Torchlighters International Ministry

As with all prophetic words and visions, the above is offered for weighing and testing with the Lord and holy writ.

3 thoughts on “Leisa Ebere: Favour to the Nations Prophecy

  1. I have felt uneasy by reading ‘ even portions of Germany in Bavaria ‘ . Were these the divine words?
    We are currently living in Northern Bavaria, God has led us here. But he has indicated where to next. I was shocked to be back, the whole country (Germany) seems to be subject to collective madness and Godlessness. We have been away for over 20 years.But similar seems to be going on in the other favoured nations. Germany is standing out through its perfection of the maliciousness and ignorance. The purging is necessary and is beginning in all the favoured nations.
    I am from Lower Bavaria, the most conservative region of Bavaria and Bavaria proper( Lower,
    proper Bavaria and the Palatinate until 1814, Bavaria is made up of three distinct Germanic tribes with their own culture and characteristics) is still the most conservative region in Germany. In the 1990ies one of my parents’ friend, a lady living by and with the Bible pointed me to the End Time prophecies in the Bible and to mostly Bavarian, Austrian and Northern Italian prophets, but there have been many in other parts of Germany,too.
    I worked in Landshut then( District Centre of Lower Bavaria) and in the largest book shop in the town centre a whole section was dedicated to this! In other places people were and are laughing when you tell them about the End Times, the prophecies and God! I do not know, how many are aware now in my old home land, but the traditional pilgrimages are still observed and the election results have been much more conservative lately to the establishment’s dismay. According to various prophecies Southern and Eastern Bavaria will be spared the civil war and blood shed by and large and survive the final tribulations on the whole. The whole area is mostly rural and was always a stronghold of believers in Christ. I do not know how many people are aware now, but the devine ember is much needed to ignite them to prepare for the Coming of Christ. My husband and I received the calling in the Isle of Man in the years before our short intermediate stay in my home land. It was also prophecied that Bavaria ( I would assume the Bavaria proper) would separate from Germany and ( later ?) Austria, Switzerland and Bavaria (+ Liechtenstein – it was always Austrian and before 1871 a principality of the Holy Roman Empire) would become one kingdom).
    Bavaria once reached to the Adriatic Sea , the old language still exists in places in Northern Italy . The name ‘Austria’ means ‘the eastern border region of the Holy German Empire’ which Bavaria was entrusted with to defend and develop for the Empire against the Slavonic advance in the Middle Ages. .
    Bavaria was the only German dutchy to help Austria to defend itself against the Turkish over the centuries. Bavaria and Austria share an awful lot , not least the language. Italy occupied and incorporated Southern Tyrol only after WWI. The movement for independence from Italy and rejoining with Austria is real. But Italy ,Bavaria and Austria were always very closely connected. Italy now is advancing on its way where the northern neighbours will follow.
    Let’s not forget the English and Scottish/Irish missionaries of ancient times who brought God’s Word to my pleasant land and it will happen again!
    I am so greatful . God bless you.

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    • Thank you so much for your valued comments Elisabeth for I have very fond memories of Bavaria and the Tyrol from my holidays as a boy. You may like to search under ‘Stille Nacht’ for more a little more on this in a regular Christmas posting on this blog.

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      • Thank you very much for your comment ,Richard.
        It should read: Bavaria proper is made up of Lower Bavaria, Southern Bavaria and the Palatinate until 1814.
        It should also read: The Holy Roman Empire of German Nation.
        Does the Father mean: resetting Europe back to the end of the Roman Empire when our history in all its dimensions began and let’s start again? on a higher level of understanding and civilisation? The favoured nations are all interlinked and joined together in having formed the basis of our Western culture and civilisation which could carry the Word of God across the earth and which has now come under the very threat of extinction. Are these the Old Gates?

        PS: I will follow up your thread ‘Stille Nacht’. Thank you very much.

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