Simon Braker: dream of EU’s tottering tower

Simon Braker posted this dream vision on Fb Prophetic Voice Leicester on 1st August. It reminds me not only of the prophetic word David Noakes brought in November 2015 urging Britain ‘”Come out!” of the EU, but also the growing shaking in its economy as covered on this blog:

“In a dream I was watching people play a game of jenga, as I watched I noticed the bottom three bricks had words on them, Germany, France and the UK. A player came and began to try to take the UK brick out, the other players shouted don’t move that one it will make our tower fall over, we want to make it taller not make it collapse;

“But the player persisted and the others began to fight with him to try to stop him taking out the brick, when he finally did manage to remove the brick, the tower began to wobble and sway;

“The bricks then began to turn into sand, I could see these bricks also had names, Greece and Spain were the first to fall and then the whole tower turned to sand;

“Then a massive storm began to blow and the people playing the game began to panic as the sand began to get swept away in the midst of the storm,

“Then in the wind I heard the words, “And so it shall be for those who choose to build their houses upon the sand, they will not stand in the great storm that is about to hit the earth.”

Footnote: Just as the ancient Tower of Babel never got finished, so too will its modern counterpart topple and collapse. (If you’re unaware of similarity see Appendix to Neil Mackereth’s discussion paper Stay or Leave.)

4 thoughts on “Simon Braker: dream of EU’s tottering tower

  1. Years ago, when I followed John Paul Jackson of Streams Ministry, I read one of his “Perfect Storm” prophecies. It said that the EU would collapse (at the time those of us who believed it were generally not aware of Brexit as it was around 2009 or so when it was published). The PIGS countries were envisioned as the source of the collapse, owing to the 2008 Financial Crisis and the Greek Debt Crisis, etc. The prophecy said that it would be replaced by a new structure called, I believe, The Alliance of Economies, founded by France and Greece.

    I am not sure whether this was a true prophecy. In hindsight, I have reservations about a lot of the stuff I was reading in those days. But, if the EU collapses and an AoE is formed, then it will have been confirmed.

    Can’t find exact page where this was spelled out in those terms – which perhaps is significant – but these links give an idea of the prophecy.

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  2. To some extent the EU is presently being sustained by the UK’s net financial contribution, and it is a truism to say that there will be consequences when this is withdrawn. If Germany, as the largest net contributor, is unable to make up for the shortfall in the revenue that is now flowing to a number of countries that are net beneficiaries, there will be less incentive for them to stay in the EU and to endure the economic hardships that are imposed upon them by the Euro. The UK net contribution may thus be seen as a critical jenga block. Another jenga block is the imposition of tariffs on German exports to the US, which should exacerbate the German recession.

    When the EU collapses, there will be a need for national leadership in each of the member countries, and, hopefully, there will be national leaders even now with the foresight to read “the writing on the wall” – a metaphor which brings to mind Belshazzar’s feast.

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  3. Last year I read of prophecy allegedly by Baba Vanga that the EU would suffer an economic collapse in 2019. Her prophecy on this has been derided as fake news but interesting to see the word “collapse” appearing several times above.

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