Is the weather a prophetic sign?

We need no reminding of yesterday’s wonderful fine weather here in Britain, ‘coinciding’ with the results of Conservative Party leadership elections to replace Theresa May as Prime Minister.

Neil Mackereth emailed me mid-morning from Winchester asking,

“As we await the name of the next Prime Minister, I note that we have blue skies, the temperature is rising and there are no clouds on the horizon! Is it a prophetic sign?”

I respond,“Whyever not my friend as everything’s hotting up!” (ie. politically). It became a lovely Summer’s day with ‘wall-to-wall’ sunshine that I’d seen from before dawn to after dusk.

But shortly after midnight this morning I was awoken by flashes of light and rumbling, and heard Nina downstairs talking to our cat.  She came upstairs saying she’s never seen anything like it and so we watched. There’d been a short, sharp shower of heavy, thundery rain but nothing prolonged. Kitty was fascinated and had been watching from a shelf in the greenhouse.

The skies were completely overcast with black clouds lit up from within by many flashes of sheet lightning and occasionally vivid forks zig-zagging across the clouds. Any break between the flashes was only for a few seconds: but so little thunder, perhaps because the electricity was miles up in their tops?

The storm was rolling over the East Hants, Surrey border from the Winchester direction in the west, and when we sat in the conservatory it seemed all around, and it continued for well over an hour! Highly unusual!!

Nina asked the Lord what’s going on and sensed,

“I’m shining My light into all the darkness!”

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