6th ‘jigsaw piece’: Leisa Ebere on outpouring coming to Hertfordshire

This news of Saturday morning from Leisa corroborates the previous post about last week’s Glory Feast, for she writes (and what I later came to realise is also):

6th Jigsaw Piece:

‘The Lord has given me a most profound vision & prophecy about an Outpouring He is sending to Hertfordshire that I would like to share with the Body of Christ; and I believe it is direct answer to prayer to many who have been praying in that region, Praise God! Here it is:


‘I saw a clock ticking loudly in a large church tower and I heard a loud shout from the heavens saying: “It is time, it is time!

‘Then I saw four angelic riders on white and silver horses holding banners and they were rending heaven with these banners and galloping in a cross-ways formation between Watford and Stevenage; and I heard the Lord declare in a loud voice,

“The time of open heaven is coming upon Hertfordshire, for I shall start in the valleys and cause vermin to flee from the meadows there.  For there are men and women of God in that region who have thirsted for more and I am bringing a mighty ocean to drench the people in that place. The churches shall turn inside-out in that land,” says the Lord, “as they look outwards by My Spirit to the needs of the people round about them.  And momentum by My Spirit shall be birthed,” says the Living God.’

Bless you,

Leisa Ebere, 29th June 2019

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