I’m especially thankful to every follower and regular reader for being a blessing and encouraging me to continue blogging, particularly those who’ve been reading since the early years.

When I emailed a few friends ten years ago about what I heard when my Bible ‘exploded’ upon opening it, as told in The Endgame Is Now In Play, I could never imagine that by adding occasional updates – and being nudged to go public in a blog – there’d be sufficient material and interest to build a library of over 2,150 rolling posts and almost 90 reference pages since 21.11.2011!

May our Lord bless you and keep you…

18 thoughts on “THANKS A MILLION!

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the thoughts of others on the times in which we live. It can feel very lonely as a Christian in our current climate. Most of the Gentiles around us just don’t come from the same place spiritually as we do, and even within the church, it can feel like few in the congregation see Brexit or the end times in the way that you do.

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  2. Congratulations, Richard. First, you express through this site the honoring of our Lord Jesus and His teachings, and attempt to further His truth in the way He reveals to you. Secondly, you allow for the many different expressions and beliefs of Christians, regardless of denomination, as long as such beliefs are Biblically sound and backed by Scripture.

    I wrote in the opening of my book, “In the beginning, Christianity was real.” Since that beginning, however, many unholy doctrines and teachings have entered into Christianity as a whole that the Lord never taught. Such do not find their origin in His original teachings, which are found only in the four Gospels, the Book of Acts, and the later Epistles. The Book of Revelation also gives us sound clues regarding the truth, though these clues have often been interpreted incorrectly.

    In this opening time of The Great Awakening, truth continues to overcome error. Error and those who support error are increasingly being exposed. The Lord is working through millions to bring forth greater truth. We have reached a time when the Lord’s original teachings are finding greater and greater support. Real Christians know where this is heading…

    I encourage you to keep up the good work and continue to be aware that, as we go forward, the enemy is gaining greater tools of deception. You have been prepared well for this due to your early days with the New Age. We must stay as close as possible to the Lord Jesus to not only maintain our respective walks with Him, but continue to progress and develop to be even better servants. Real Christianity is His movement. It is His and His alone. He is the Author and Perfecter of faith, the First and the Last.

    Thank you for your fellowship and support over the last few years. May you, your family, and your associates be greatly blessed as we continue to move into a great new time and strive to do our best for the Lord Jesus and His Kingdom.

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  3. Thank you Richard. My mother in law is called Nina and just so happened one night a couple of years ago or so she was rushed to hospital. I discovered a story on another website about your wife Nina that same night. Your story calmed my stress levels at the time and led me to your website. Thanks again for your testimony.

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  4. A belated but none-the-less heartfelt thank you. Wonderful, you are a hero of the airwaves on behalf of the Kingdom of God. May the Lord continue to guide, bless and encourage you. Neil

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