3 signs in 1 day of the EU’s shaking!!! (Fulfilled Prophecy #13 yet again – on 9/11!)

1st ‘SIGN’:

Upon seeing this banner headline of the EU’s totally unacceptable demand I thought to the Lord there may be only one way for these deliberately difficult negotiations to be concluded – for the EU to collapse first!

When reading the full article over a welcome coffee and almond croissant I found it’s closing paragraph (highlighted in photo) buried on the inside’s page 2 almost confirms that personal reaction:

If you may be unable to read that prophetical paragraph, its statement is well worth repetition and broadcasting (emphasis mine):

‘Elsewhere, Michael Barnier the EU’s chief negotiator,  said the European project could face ruin from populist forces in the elections next years.  He warned: “There is now a [Nigel] Farage in every country. The project is fragile, under threat and perishable.”

Later, I noticed a couple more indicative ‘signs’.:

2nd ‘SIGN’:

Telegraph’s international business editor Ambrose Evans-Pritchard opens on Italy-EU impasse heading for crisis:

The EU has no legal means to force the capitulation of Italy’s rebel government and the budget showdown is likely to escalate until there is a market crisis, warned a veteran euro fire-fighter.

‘Vitor Constancio, the European Central Bank’s former financial stability chief, said the high-stakes clash with Italy is extremely difficult to handle and Brussels is effectively powerless against a net contributor to the EU budget…’

3rd ‘SIGN’:

Its industry editor Alan Tovey opens Dyson wins battle with EU over testing of vacuum cleaners:

‘Dyson has won a long-running court battle in the EU over how vacuum cleaners’ energy consumption is labelled in what the company has called a “win for consumers”. The company has been arguing since 2014 that current tests are flawed because they are carried out when vacuum cleaners are empty of dust…

Issuing its ruling, the General Court said by ignoring Dyson’s claims the European Commission had “disregarded an essential element” of the directive on energy use. It added the original directive on how products are labelled relating to their true energy consumption “reflected a political choice of EU law”

Sir JamesDyson  added the battle had seen his company “forced to use freedom of information requests to obtain correspondence between German manufacturers and an EU commissioner… as part of the process to shine a light on the practices some companies will resort to”.

MORE EXAMPLES of #13 from Fulfilled Prophecies hub:

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