An unprecedented wave of God’s glory and fire coming to the UK

Thank you to the Lord, Lisa Arnold and UK Prophetic Words for this word:


You have built for yourselves cosy nests, to protect yourself from the world, being hurt and disappointed! But I say to you, it is a new day, a new start, a new season, to take that leap of faith, and surrender your life afresh to me! Put me as your first love, and you will become one with me.

I have heard your cries in the UK, and some of you have humbled yourselves, and are now going about my work. But others are still asleep in their complacency, and think they have right standing with me, because of their position, title or ministry! But I say to you, repent of your ignorance, nakedness and blindness.

There is a wave that is coming that will knock you off your feet, if you are not standing on my rock … Yeshua. A wave of my glory and fire, never seen before in the UK, and a wave of water, that you will need to get right in. You will have to learn to swim, because paddling in the shallow end is no option anymore! You have asked for my fire and my glory, and a wave of my spirit, so I am going to give it to you!

Those that are ready will be radiant, and carry out great exploits for me, and bring in the lost! They have been hidden away for a time such as this! Nobody has seen any potential in the ones that I will use, they’ve just looked at their outward appearance, and thought they looked too worldly, but I look into hearts! My true remnant have been judged and slandered, but they have not loved their lives unto death. They have tasted for themselves my healing power, my fire and my glory. I have healed their wounds, and they are ready for the great waves of glory, fire and water, to just flow into them and empower them. They have learnt to swim in the river of adversity.

They have let me burn the dross off and let me search their hearts. I have freed them from the power of religion and rejection. But it is time for my remnant to burn for me, in pockets throughout the UK, setting others on fire.

But beware you who have put your trust in man and forgotten your first love and not repented. You do not even know me! You won’t even be aware of what is coming to the UK.

But because of my faithful ones, who have cried out to me for this nation, I am coming to you like never before! You need my mantle to carry this anointing, and you need a new wine skin, so I can give you new oil and new wine, and I will pour honey and milk into your garden. Return to your first love whilst there is time, or you will be swept away to your own delusions! My people know it is at the very doors, my holy visitation to the UK. It is imminent, this wave that is coming. Shine my burning ones, like never before!

Lsia Arnold, 20th August 2017

7 thoughts on “An unprecedented wave of God’s glory and fire coming to the UK

  1. This is lovely, but I must confess I am more than a little flummoxed by

    “You need my mantle to carry this anointing, and you need a new wine skin, so I can give you new oil and new wine, and I will pour honey and milk into your garden”

    I’m sure there must be a clearer way of expressing whatever that means… if it does mean anything!


      • Thank you 🙂 I got the reference to new wine skins – it’s the mantle, the new oil and the garden that confused me, and especially the way they are all put together into the same sentence. Off the top of my head I can think of several references to oil in the Bible, but not to oil that is specifically new… especially not oil that requires a new wine skin. And I can think of references to milk and honey, but none to a garden except for Eden.
        And as for a mantle, I don’t know what God’s mantle is supposed to mean at all… according to Bible Gateway there are only two references to mantles in the Bible (I realise translation may play a part) and they are both in Psalms: one is a “mantle of shame” and the other is just a piece of visual imagery.

        I hope I don’t sound like I’m being facetious – presumably there is supposed to be meaning there but it is more than a little opaque to me! I’m also not using this to question the validity of the prophecy at all, as it seems to me that often (or almost always?) God gives the meaning to the prophet, and it’s the prophet who fits the words around it.


        • Appreciate your ’thinking aloud’ Jonathan and am most happy to clarify anything as don’t like leaving readers puzzled. (Being away wasn’t able to respond at length.)

          A ‘mantle’ refers to a specific anointing and authority for fulfilling one’s calling. The prime example is in where Elisha asks to receive Elijah’s mantle, not just his cloak but also his spiritual office of prophet (2 Kings 2). Am surprised BibleGateway unhelpful (I use NKJV study bible). So ‘new oil’ used in such supernatural consecration and Holy Spirit operation is appropriate – and even more so in view of the recent ‘sign & wonder’ of oil oozing non-stop from a bible in Georgia. Attendees at last week’s RA 2017 were blessed with it and it left my forehead throbbing ( refers).

          So it needs a new wineskin to contain it (ie. a renewal of ourselves) and honey and milk alludes, I think, to what’s in the ‘promised land’ – our being in the Kingdom, where we have our personal ‘garden’ for meeting and walking with the Lord (as did Adam & Eve and Enoch)

          You’re correct in thinking prophets can slant words received. This is why Dr Sharon Stone delivers words rapidly so her mind doesn’t get in the way!

          Hope this may help to elucidate the ‘jargon’.


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