On the recognition of the role of religious dogma in terror

As blogged last week, in my humble opinion one of the main considerations for this week’s general election is for political candidates to give proper recognition to the religious dogma behind terrorism. In the second post I called for a nationwide, thorough education program to compare the founders and teachings of Islam and Christianity (note, not churchianity).

Over several years blogging I’ve occasionally dawn attention to that necessity and so I’m pleased that Revd Dr Gavin Ashenden, previously one of Her Majesty’s chaplains, has written at length on this very subject in connection with recent events. (You may recall Cranmer’s own request for the development of a ‘Prophetology’ in order to investigate the true nature of the founder of Islam.)

Last year Dr Gavin was deeply concerned that Glasgow Cathedral allowed a Muslim to recite quranic passages during the Easter Service that undermine Christian teaching on Jesus’ death and resurrection – ie, a grossly blasphemous service! (Read Qur’an in the Eucharist? Provost of Glasgow Cathedral subverts Christian revelation.)

Therefore, you may like to read his latest excellent article, We need to talk more about Jesus and Mohammed and less about Christianity and Islam.

With regards to PM May, I’d point out that as Home Secretary she prevented a couple of ‘truth-tellers’ from visiting Britain (Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller) – after much dispute Gert Wilders was allowed in to address parliamentarians. YET she and her predecessors willingly opened up our nation to muslim murder-mongers and permitted hate-filled rallies by jihadists. So all politicians are personally culpable for permitting the fruit of political correctness to ripen in our day. (At least Donald Trump ‘tweets’ some sense on this Political Claptrap issue!)

4 thoughts on “On the recognition of the role of religious dogma in terror

  1. Richard, As I’m not on Facebook etc, I’m responding this way :-

    Thanks for speaking out. A mother of the first person to be stabbed, I think it was, heard the assailant say “This is for my family, this is for Islam”. This was shown on TV News the other night. Why for family? Because their teaching is that if you die as a martyr you get to take 70 relatives with you to paradise! So, he was doing something so that he could die as a ‘martyr’! It also helps to explain why the three 15 year old girls went from London the other year to become jihadi ‘brides’. As they have no chance of Paradise themselves, being women and their immediate family in London were far too settled to choose to become ‘martyrs’, they decided to go and find someone who believed enough to die for them. Its so sad they had not heard of Jesus and His sacrificial love for them.

    Its this kind of religious ideology that is at the heart of these attacks and we have a much bigger problem here now than can be resolved with more Police or anti-terror measures. This can only be won through prayer and dealing with the powers of darkness, before some kind of ‘civil war’ breaks out between Moslems and misguided reactionaries – which is just what the fundamental Islamists want.

    Dave Chapman

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