Recount (a confirmatory dream)

It’s ABSOLUTELY NOT COINCIDENTAL your dream confirms my previous post on what 3 prophetical voices AROUND THE WORLD (Australia, USA and Ireland – how many more?) were hearing over Sunday-Monday. By the word of two or three witnesses is a matter established (Deut 19:15)!

My Dreams and Visions

I had a dream the night of 12/4/2016. In the dream I saw a well-dressed woman wearing a skirt but I could view her only from the neck down. She had a pet carrier that she was carrying with her . I saw her open the carrier and as she did 3 snakes came out. It was at this point in the dream that the word, “recount”, was dropped into my spirit .

I believe that there is a valid reason that I saw the woman from the neck down that being she did not wish to be identified .

Snakes are most always associated with evil in the Word. Being called a snake is no compliment . It is inferring that the individual is sneaky and underhanded.

The snakes were not big by any means but we’re small enough for all 3 to fit into a pet carrier the…

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