Special September #1 – in Holy Spirit’s slipstream

A stirring word of strong encouragement published on Bank Holiday Monday by Veronika West on her Ignite Ireland Ministry facebook:


As I began to pray a few days ago about the month of September, I clearly and distinctly heard the Holy Spirit say these words,


Then I saw the Body of Christ like a flock of flying geese, as I looked again I saw the flock flying in a V-shaped formation, immediately I was reminded of a bird study that I did on geese with my son for a school project.

Geese are incredible birds, I suspect some of you may have seen a flock of geese flying in this unique V-shape formation at one time or another, in fact here in Ireland it is a regular occurrence throughout the year. The reason geese fly in this formation is so that they can conserve their energy and protect one another, each bird will fly slightly above the bird that’s in front of it, this is because it reduces the winds resistance. If you watch carefully each bird will take turns at flying at the front, then when they begin to get weary and tired they will fall back and so another bird will take the lead position. In this way, those that have fallen back can find rest and renew their strength, this way the geese are able to fly for a hundreds of miles before they must all stop for a rest.

Furthermore, the leader goose is able to fly higher and move much faster when flying together in this unique V-shape than it could if it was flying alone because the geese that follow behind reduce the effects of a low-pressure region on the leader goose. It is truly amazing to watch!

Now as I was praying the Holy Spirit began to speak and reveal to me through the picture of the flying geese that in the days and weeks ahead there will be many in the Body of Christ that will be supernaturally Accelerated and Advanced as they come together in perfect alignment and in the Spirit of Unity. He showed me that there are many in the Body Christ that have been moving independently in the way of the spirit and many have been cut off from the wider body and have been living out of a place of spiritual isolation and being alone they have had to face heavy winds of resistance which has made them weak, vulnerable and easy targets for the enemy. Then He showed me there are others in the Body of Christ who have been deeply wounded by the poisonous arrows of the accuser, their hearts have grown cold and distant, mighty Strongholds of rejection and fear have driven many deeper into their hiding places.

Then suddenly He showed me the UNQUENCHABLE fire of His Holy Spirit moving mightily upon these precious sons and daughters, I saw a wall of fire surrounding the vulnerable and the weak and the unprotected ones, I saw His Grace, Mercy and unconditional Love drawing His wounded warriors, calling them to gather together, to come up higher and to begin to move and advance in the spirit of unity, then I saw the Spirit of Wisdom breathing upon those that were gathering together giving them like minds, one heart and one vision that they would begin to operate on a higher level, in greater power and in greater purpose for the advancement and occupation of His Kingdom purposes in this hour.

Tongues of Fire Acts 2-3

Tongues of Fire, Acts 2-3 (credit Iris Ministries, Mozambique)

Then the Spirit showed me that He is raising up a large company of mighty Overcomer’s in this hour, a company of Apostles, Prophets and radical Reformers that will move together in perfect alignment and in His perfect timing, this will bring about a MEGASHIFT, and such an acceleration and a momentum in the realms of Spirit that it will cause many to be suddenly propelled and supernaturally thrust fast FOWARD into their Kingdom purpose and Destiny.

I saw His divine intervention coming to those that have been hidden, journeying alone or feeling the pressure from leading at the front where they too have encountered the contrary winds of the enemy; they have had to wage war against the relentless and ruthless attacks of darkness and witchcraft, but now in this next season these weary warriors will be able to fall back and have a time to find REST, RENEWAL AND REFRESHING in the Slipstream of His spirit.

And I prophesy the spirit of might, power, strength and wisdom is now propelling, repositioning and realigning others to take up a new place and a new position of Authority on the FRONTLINES. I declare over these mighty Warriors they are NOW Ready to Step out and take new ground and occupy new territory, for the purifying fires of the past season have proved and tested them, they have persevered, remained faithful and steadfast, and now they are coming forth as pure gold, the hand of God has strengthened, prepared, equipped and empowered them to NOW lead others from the FRONTLINES, He has poured out His anointing upon them and He has crowned their heads with His governing authority, NOW THEY WILL ARISE AND SHINE, READY to lead Gods people in renewed faith, Hope, Vision and Expectation for He is moving them into a new land of Promise and Kingdom prosperity in the days, weeks and months ahead.

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