Visions in UK and Oz of Holy Fire falling on USA

A week ago today Lana Vawser, whose messages have been featured by the Australian Prophetic Council, blogged:

“This morning I had a vision and I was taken up above the United States of America and I could see the enemy and demonic forces with all his schemes and plots to stir up darkness across the United States.
“As I am watching the enemy and his demons attempting to stir up these whirlwinds of darkness across the nation, suddenly my vision became very focused and ‘zoomed’ in.
“I saw children kneeling beside their bed crying out to Jesus on behalf of their nation. I watched as the children prayed and I saw Jesus standing beside them. They were having encounters with Jesus and the Lord was sharing messages from His heart concerning the heart of the nation….’

Continue reading in United States of America – Surprised by Fire, wherein Lana ‘then saw other lights flickering and appearing all across the USA. These were youth and adults and they were praying for the nation and seeking the heart of God.

“Suddenly there was a thunderous roar from heaven and I saw fire falling and it was sweeping through all the areas where these flickering lights were. It was a rapid move of His fire. As the fire of God swept through…

Yesterday I learned about a prophetic word brought by Irene Brooks in Horsham, England, relating to previous words/dreams on wells/rivers of Holy Spirit’s water. AND she confirms the above word from Lana by writing,

“I was praying for the USA one morning when I saw a wonderful, huge explosion of multi-colored sparks scattering over all the nations of the earth. It looked like a great firework display with its epicenter in the heart of the nation, in Kansas, but it was drawing in people from across the US…”

Read Irene’s message in full at Rivers of Life: The Lord says, “I Am Bringing Together Many Streams”. (Notice the resonance with that about grape clusters providing new wine and which stirred Thomas Harry, as in my previous post.)

I’d recommend reading both messages in full to digest better and weigh with the Lord. May He bless the meditations of your heart in so doing…

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