What is the Lord saying to the UK Church in 2016?

An especial thank you to Valerie Williams and Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival for alerting me to this encouraging word. It’s opening sentence and closing image of a child are of personal relevance, as well as other parts and our needing to remind the Lord of personal promises. I invite you to weigh it with the Lord:

The Jewish calendar reveals that we have now entered the 70th Jubilee since Joshua entered the Promised Land in the fifteenth year of their crossing over. This holds great significance for the next seven years within the United Kingdom. We need to hear the Trumpet sound from Heaven. For those who seriously seek the Lord and stand on His promises, this will be their time of seeing their lost ones restored, backsliders returning home, restoration from debt and liberation from bondage to habitual sins, family iniquities and transgression.

It is a time of hope, life-giving transformation and destiny.

The waves of His wind must continue to blow, along with the burning of His all-consuming fire to expose those things that have remained hidden in Government, within family and within every sphere of influence. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken! For “He reveals deep and hidden things and knows what lies in the darkness (Dan. 2:22).” It is also a time of cleansing and purification for the Church.

The rescue of children from child abuse and the lack of parenting (absent fathers) will continue to be highlighted. This is the time for the hearts of the fathers to be turned back to the children and the hearts of the children to be turned to the fathers. Note that it is the hearts of the fathers that sets this restoration in motion. God is restoring fatherhood.
God is now raising up significant numbers of men and women, positioning them in key places both within the Church and the market place. They have been trained in the furnace of affliction having humbled themselves before the Lord. They have no hidden agenda other than to please and delight their God in all they do. They are truly submitted worshippers who will passionately take the Kingdom by force into the market place. They have become unoffendable! They daily seek His agenda and so know that what they declare will come to pass as they simply proclaim what is on God’s heart. They are walking in godly authority to decree release of the captives from seemingly impossible situations. Thousands of minds will be released this year to see the light of the Gospel. Evangelists will rise up and speak out wherever they go. Their Gospel message will be followed by great signs of instant healing to make people wonder and there will be a fresh stirring in men and women’s hearts as their dry bones come to life. It is the year of the suddenlies.
Isaiah 48:3 “I declared the former things long ago and they went forth from My mouth and I proclaimed them. Suddenly I acted and they came to pass”.

Declare open doors of opportunities, God ordained encounters and favoured positions. “Ask Me and then see Me turn up and create opportunities for you to share your faith. Be God centred. It’s easy when I am in your midst! I will reward your mustard seed faith and courage (because my power is dynamic) and heal those you prayer for. I am more passionate than you to bring healing and restoration. Believe and I will release healing angels to accompany you. Isaiah 61:1-3.

“The fires of revival are already ignited though the workers are spread out. Revival has started for those with eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying. For them it will be a year of celebration and the homecoming of backsliders. There is a river flowing for the restoration and reconciliation of broken families. Take your feet off the bottom and allow the Holy Spirit to carry you.” God is good. He is totally trustworthy and reliable. His mercies are new every morning for great is His faithfulness.

Remind the Lord of His promises to you and declare that which is not as though it is and it will come to pass. Refuse to doubt. Be teachable for the Holy Spirit is your enabler. He will do what you thought impossible for He is the God of the impossible. It’s not by might, nor by power but by His Spirit. Mountains will start to shift and deeply rooted impossible situations will be uprooted if you speak to them and command them to be planted in the midst of the sea. Decree a thing or two and it will be established according to your faith. Persevere and he will give you the desires of your heart for it is impossible for God to lie.

“So Church, arise! Christians, you are the light of the world. Demonstrate My love towards one another and see hardened hearts melt. Reject negative attitudes with positive ones; rebuke fear which keeps you from your destiny and seek My face with passion and great determination. It’s your hearts I desire; to be intimate with you. Remember you are human beings, not human doings and that a gentle word turns away anger. Become unoffendable. Love your family, Church and neighbour with My love and see transformation spring forth.
My promises to you are about to be birthed like a baby positioned in the birth canal of its mother. As midwife, declare the baby’s safety and correct positioning ready for delivery. Those awaiting backsliders and family reconciliation, declare the forthcoming new arrival as if it’s already taken place. Dance over your circumstances and celebrate in this unique year of Jubilee and see the desires of your heart come to pass.”


3 thoughts on “What is the Lord saying to the UK Church in 2016?

  1. I had a dream that the eagle flew over me while I was laying on the snow in my snow suit and he spread out his wings that were long enough to cover my body completely. The eagle represents the Lord and HIS protection. So HE will cover us with HIS wings. Be3


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