Time is running out – a second dream

The follow-up dream Tony Puccio received:

My Dreams and Visions


The morning of December 29, 2015 I had a an early morning dream. I believe that it is a restating of the previous dream regarding clocks about to strike midnight. The fact that this is the second time this theme of time running out has been the subject of my dream tells me that its message is important.

In the dream I saw an hourglass like the one pictured in this post with the sand just about to run out of the top of the hourglass. Normally one would take the hourglass, flip it over, and begin again. However, this was not the case with this dream. In the dream I saw the hour glass like the one pictured above being held in a man’s hands. The man attempted to turn the hourglass over but the sand kept pouring from what was the top of the hourglass to what would…

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