Breaking off the Greek mindset

Any readers puzzled by my reference to the Greek mindset as a Fundamental flaw in Western society (re Humanism & Europe-Greece crisis) will find this brief summary from Freedom Apostolic Resources Centre to be very helpful. It is also background material for their latest post on our relationship with Jesus, By Personal Encounter and Experience.

Sons of Issachar

Mike Parsons

Last time I shared with you a couple of PowerPoint slides relating to the Greek (Western) and Hebrew (Eastern) mindsets. This week I want to look just a little more closely at the contrast between them, and then I would like to pray for God to reveal where we are being robbed by our Western way of looking at things, and break it off us.

Separation vs unity

Here is the first of those slides again.

Let’s take these a line at a time.
In our Greek understanding, the goal of salvation is to escape this world and go to God’s dwelling place in heaven. So everything is focussed on what will be: very little about what is now. In Hebrew thought, the goal of salvation is to prepare a place fit for God’s dwelling here, among His people. He wants His kingdom to come on earth.

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