Anti-terrorism summit confirms this week’s insight!

Puzzle in sky - Idea goOpening Part 2 of An insight into global satanic strategy, I mentioned a few fascinating things happened over its content – and its timing! Maybe God-incidence? Let me tell you what I read whilst relaxing over a morning coffee yesterday:

First, recall that most of my work recently has been re-blogs of others’ posts as a result of home circumstances affecting my regular blogging time-slots. We’re trusting the Lord in all this, but a change in schedule was necessary. Yet I had time to write more fully this week.

Also, be aware my plan was to finish and publish what I’d already drafted on a dubious aspect of Churches Together prayer-focus for Lent (started last Wednesday). So that got well and truly waylaid – martyrdom of Egyptian Copts demanded my attention!  And then my brief covering note to Joel’s piece on that led directly into the 2-part ‘insight’.

In other words, on two counts that ‘insight’ would not have seen the light of day! Over two half-days I wrote the full piece and then separated into 2 parts; published the first half on Thursday and scheduled the second half for Friday morning.

Yet that second part didn’t see the light of day either!  A few teaks were needed and so I postponed its appearance for another day. But I reckoned without 3 technical issues!

1st Technical Glytch

What a game that was! As you know, Fridays to Sundays I’m normally off-line and we were heading out for the morning. So just a quick tap into my smartphone straight into WordPress to reset the date would do the trick!

No it didn’t!

There were connection issues trying to adjust the publication date – annoying! So I had to boot-up the pc, wait for that to load, log-in Norton security, launch WP and do the job.

That was the first spanner in the works!  I did get the date adjusted and off we went…

Stunning Confirmation

Nero_6A superb cappuccino and croissant in Caffé Nero, Petersfield with Nina tackling the paper’s crossword and me digging dug inside…I read that Barack Obama has referred the previous day at a counter-terrorism summit to “twisted interpretations” and “lies”! That’s more or less the focus in my 2-part ‘insights’, both published and yet to be published parts!!

Furthermore, Britain’s Home Secretary addressed the Washington summit about the immediate need for an unprecedented need for a global response to the threat of ISIL!! Now that’s exactly why the Crusades were launchednote well Mr Obama!

The Telegraph reporters open with (emphases added):

ISIL will develop into “something even more grotesque and inhumane” unless the world acts now, Theresa May, the Home Secretary, said yesterday…

“There is simply no choice…The extraordinary nature of the threat posed requires an extraordinary response. It must be international in reach, unprecedented in scale and immediate“.

They go on to report:

Mr Obama…said that, while Western nations must take care not to vilify and marginalise their Muslim minorities, Muslim leaders “have a responsibility to push back, not just on twisted interpretations of Islam, but also on the lie that we are somehow engaged in a clash of civilisations”.

He added: “The notion that the West is at war with Islam is an ugly lie”.

Hmm, I was amazed!  (See copy of the full report below.)

2nd Technical Glitch

As Nina’s daughter is here for the day and took mum out for the morning I published Part 2, and can spend time on this post.

When I looked for the digital version of what I read in yesterday’s paper there was only an earlier piece by one of the journalist’s. (Nothing further has followed online or in today’s Telegraph, but the Guardian has White House resists call to focus on Islamist terrorism at 3-day summit – for a paper keen on security and focussing on the Ukraine this is a poor show for the Telegraph.)

3rd Technical Glitch

In trawling for the summit through the Telegraph’s recent archive my Internet Explorer encountered a ‘buffering event’ that IE couldn’t repair! Google couldn’t get any network connection either.

The home network had vanished and Windows couldn’t repair the connection after its auto-diagnosis!! The router’s settings had been trashed!!!

Re-booting and repeating re-boot twice didn’t clear the problem. Fortunately, there’s a handy laptop…and it worked. Thank you Lord

So more time had been wasted and it seemed I was being prevented from publishing Part 2. Something spiritually unclean doesn’t like what I’ve found and am writing about!


 As this doesn’t exist on-line, here’s the hardcopy I read: 

(The closing paras’ reference to youngsters leaving Britain to join the terrorists is borne out in last night’s news. See also Frontpage Mag Obama’s Summit of Jihad Denial.)

ISIL Threat

[Puzzle in Sky by Idea Go, courtesy]

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