Coming Wave of the Holy Spirit to the US

This is most intriguing because I posted today what was intended for last week but which got delayed by material relating to the prophet Daniel. Having done that, Tony reminded me of relevant visions and his concluding reference in this one to rising demonic reactions reflects my own thoughts on anti-Semitism’s apparent presence in proposed prayers for Lent in the UK. Thank you Lord for confirming my thoughts.

My Dreams and Visions

I had a vision on the morning of 9/3/2010 , I kept hearing the word, “wave”, and wondered as to its meaning. I was then shown a wave the size of a tsunami and I was on a surf board riding the wave. The Tsunami was heading for the United States, and, as you know, A Tsunami is caused by an earthquake in the sea which indicates to me a shaking, a great shaking. This tsunami is a move of the Holy Spirit of gigantic proportions that is coming to the United States. It is my belief that it will impact the west coast first as this is where surfing is popular. In order to be a part of this you have to swim out into the deep in order to catch the wave and be able to ride the wave. In shallow water, you call the shots and can…

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