Canon Andrew White: Here our people have nothing, yet the presence of Jesus is so real

Hearing Canon Andrew speak in Plymouth about Iraq was heart-rending yet heartening when he told how the people’s deep love for Yeshua brings His Glory and intimacy, and how it enables them to live through exceptionally intense suffering. Political blogger Gillan brings his own spiritual insights in trying to grapple with genocide. He expresses surprise over things hotting up during the ‘silly season’ of August – but that’s exactly what many have been prophesying for years, especially in recent months (eg. June This acceleration in biblically related events was noticed in 2011 and watching its increase was the reason for starting this blog.

God and Politics in the UK

Andrew WhiteJust before the end of July I was talking to a friend about my month off from blogging in August. Having mentioned that there is usually little news worth talking about over the summer, he made the comment that I’d probably find that all manner of things would kick off for once. He wasn’t wrong.

The last few weeks have been challenging faith-wise. When you see and hear about such extreme depravities that humans are capable of, it’s hard to work out where God is in all of this. At times it has felt like the world is imploding on itself as the dehumanisation and hatred for others repeatedly leads to the slaughter of innocents and humanitarian crises on an unimaginable scale. The thirst for power and control has been terrifyingly demonstrated, whether it be through blind and twisted religious dogma or nationalistic bitter envy. Even in our own ordered country that is proud of…

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3 thoughts on “Canon Andrew White: Here our people have nothing, yet the presence of Jesus is so real

  1. Hi Richard,
    Thankyou for posting about this. Two weeks ago, I heard Canon Andrew White on Tru News speak on Iraq and his missing congregation. He was in tears. I hadn’t been aware of the Christian’s plight in Syria and Iraq until then. I had an opportunity to hear from these persecuted Christians myself on Sunday (31/8/14). Some church elders and translators from the Assyrian Church came to speak to our local churches about the situation. I was glad to see a lot of Christians from our community come to lend their support. The priest who spoke was Father Fadi and he was from St Matthews Monestery in Mosul. They speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus, I had never seen a member of the persecuted church before. His family are still in Iraq. I am going to blog about it on the weekend. The situation is dire and they need our prayers. As for other support, Canon Andrew White has set up a fund for the Church in Iraq.
    He can be heard here:
    God bless,


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