Watch Mary walking on Resurrection Sunday

Further to the previous about what happened during our Passover-Easter conference,  you may like to watch Charlie Shamp talking to Mary shortly after he’d prayed for her. The effects of chemotherapy during a long battle against cancer had seriously affected her ability to walk. Watch for the joy on her face as she walks strongly again:

[Video opens with 40 seconds montage of Charlie’s itinerant ministry]

As I’d been Nina’s 24/7 carer, I tried chatting with her husband Tony but he was almost speechless. Here, he met long-time friends, our church elders, of whom Graham had been miraculously healed after being believed killed in a badly mangled car crash.

Afterwards,Tony rightly wanted to check and do everything properly and took Mary for her next scheduled treatment.  A scan before therapy showed the large tumour had shrunk significantly, so the doctor didn’t want Mary to continue with more debilitating chemotherapy but prescribed her tablets instead.

To You alone, Heavenly Father, be all the glory in these healings and may you keep Mary and Tony under the shadow of your wings…

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