Are manifestations of ‘gold dust’ lying signs and wonders?

My account of the recent healings in our church closed by referring to an abundance of glitter found on the seats. As they’d all been carefully wiped beforehand this must have occurred during our 4 hours’ service – yet no-one’s said they’d seen anything happen!  This is what it looked like after having materialised:

NB: video opens with fast montage of past ministry events…

A majority of Bible-believing Christians would regard such a weird manifestation as a ‘false sign’ or a ‘lying wonder’ sent to deceive believers. Associated scripture is cited to make the point; for example as listed herein.

Such reactions can, however, take verses out of context. Critics may believe they know the times and seasons but, in my humble opinion, their timing is wrong.

I shall demonstrate why these deposits from ‘out of nowhere’ of tiny glittering particles of unknown composition, should not be regarded of ungodly origin or deceitful’, as may be inferred from the scriptures in the above link.

Also, this will answer any implied question of Charles Shamp being a ‘false teacher’ or ‘false prophet’.

To consider the manifestation we witnessed personally let’s define the terms, as from my Study Bible:

  • signs (Grk: semerion) – ‘a sign, mark, token to denote a warning or admonition…; an omen portending future events (Mark 13:4; Luke 21:7); to describe miracles and wonders, whether indicating divine authority (Matt 12:38- 39; Mark 8:11-12) or ascribed to false teachers and demons (Matt 24:24 Rev 16:14)’.
  • wonders (teras\) – ‘denotes extraordinary occurrences, supernatural prodigies… unusual manifestations, miraculous incidents portending the future…and acts so unusual they cause the observer to marvel or be in awe’.
  • ‘Signs and wonders are a perfect balance for touching man’s intellect, emotions and will’.  The following verse in particular is cited:
  • Acts 15:12 – ‘The irrefutable evidence provided by the demonstrations of the power of the Holy Spirit played a significant role in bringing the Jerusalem Council to its historic decision. (This first Church council was wholly comprised of Jewish believers but declared that Gentiles were to be recognised as brethren.) The Spirit of God brought harmonious agreement among strong-willed leaders in the face of “no small dissension and “much dispute”.’

So I pray Holy Spirit will do likewise in this present issue. My contention is as follows:

Examination of Scripture

1. Critics of Holy Spirit’s manifestations refer mainly to prophetic material in the New Testament. They’d claim those first century scriptures refer to the future, and we are in that time-frame. So, it’s patently obvious that every warning verse applies to anyone and anything highly suspected of not being fully in line with the Bible.

But I must ask, “Do such critics know absolutely where we are in those prophecies?” So let’s look more closely at the expected sequence of events leading into those described in Revelation 16

2. Revelation 16:13-14 (‘they are spirits of demons, performing signs’) just cannot apply at present because, and going into reverse order.:

  1. that verse continues to describe their purpose, ‘which go out to the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty’; which simply doesn’t pertain because the world isn’t yet united to field a combined army, even if the Euphrates is drying up (v 12).
  2. That action is in response to the bowls of God’s wrath having been emptied (v 16).
  3. Yes, perhaps the great harvest that precedes the wrath is ripe (Rev 14:14) but…
  4. The ‘beast of the earth’ or false prophet, who is to act as the Antichrist’s religious spokesman and introduce the infamous ‘Mark of the Beast’, has not turned up yet, even if all the technological wizardry to implement buying and selling with ‘666’ has been prepared and is ready and waiting (Rev 13:11-18).
  5. Yes, it’s very likely that the ‘beast out of the sea’ has now manifested in view of the global rebellion and blasphemies against God and current wars against Christians that require patient endurance and faithfulness (Rev 13:1-10).

Thus, Revelation chapter 16 doesn’t apply yet and can’t be quoted against ‘gold dust’.

3. Paul’s revelatory instructions on the return of Jesus contain perhaps the most often used verses used to deny the validity of modern-day prophets and moves of the Holy Spirit. Here’s the opening verses of 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 (emphases added):

Now, brethren, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him, we ask you, not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled, either by spirit or by word or by letter, as if from us, as though the day of Christ had come. Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.

Do you not remember that when I was still with you I told you these things? And now you know what is restraining, that he may be revealed in his own time. For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way. And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming. The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, 10 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, 12 that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

4. Verse 3 about the ‘Great Apostasy’, or falling away from an existing faith, is already happening today in the extensive rebellion within churches clutching to worldly values.

5. Thus, today we’re positioned in what’s prophetically described in verse 3 before the  Son of Perdition, or Lawless One, appears on the world stage.  Only when that has happened will real deception with powerful lying signs and wonders be fully manifest. They’re already happening to some extent, maybe to ‘test the water’, in remarkable demonstrations of hypnotists’ abilities.

6. Most critics quote verse 9 without realising it’s qualified by the subsequent verses, as emphasised above. That is, the deception is against and succeeds with unbelievers, not with those who are in Christ. This will happen only to those who refuse to receive, thus hating, the truth of God and take pleasure in unrighteousness, because they have no protection against the demonic. Their unrepentant sinfulness opens them to delusion by believing lies. Consequently, Satan gains power and authority over them. That is, the deception will happen only to those who reject Jesus Christ’s offer of salvation.

7. Consequently, as our visiting preacher and worshippers wholeheartedly love Jesus then what manifested was not a lying sign but really one from Him. Charlie puts it like this, “God inhales the fragrance of our worship and breathes out a gift from Himself”.

Proof the ‘Dust’ is a True Sign

A true sign from God makes unbelievers start thinking it’s really of Him – it’s a ‘wonder’. This was very much the case concerning the lady mentioned at the close of my account.

This lady is a relatively new believer and during Charlie’s teaching found the Holy Spirit overcame her three times. As she lay in His presence the materialising glitter must have made a fine deposit on her clothing. Later at home and after undressing, she saw the same glistening particles around her on the floor. So she concluded it must have fallen from her.

Sometime later her adult daughter and ‘boyfriend’ visited her and during conversation she mentioned what had happened. It had been a difficult relationship for years but of late it has improved although mum isn’t too happy about the man. However, they have noticed a distinct change for the better in mum. The daughter is a firm unbeliever and so takes little notice of what she may hear from mum’ about her church activities.

Yesterday at house group, our neighbour said she’d told her visiting daughter and man about what had happened at and after Charlie’s visit. She mentioned the ‘gold dust’…

Utterly astonished, our friend heard the man say he believed her story and revealed he has some sort of rudimentary belief – she’d never have believed what she was hearing! Yet the daughter scolded him for his remarks – maybe because she, too, was surprised and taken aback.


The ‘gold dust’ made her daughter’s ‘boyfriend’ wonder about the reality of God and shone some light into his hidden, faint faith.

That is, the manifestation of this glittering dust deposited during worship has pointed to Jesus. If it had been of demonic origin, it definitely would not have been for the purpose of glorifying God.

Consequently, this Godly manifestation also attests that Charlie Shamp is not a false prophet or false teacher.

Therefore, by these facts I conclude  the supra-natural appearance of ‘gold dust’ is not from Satan but is truly a sign and wonder from the Lord…

A.M.D.G  (Ad maiorem Dei gloriam – to the greater glory of God)


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