A break from blogging and a few points to ponder

A brief word to thank every subscriber and visitor for dropping by and to inform you I’ve started refurbishing a sizable chunk of our ground floor (including relocating the weird phone wiring). I expect to be offline, therefore, for a couple of weeks but would like to offer some points you may wish to ponder, as am I…

First, after having posted Invisible Jigsaw I was struck by the exceptional suitability of that image because I’d written the piece and then thought a diagram would be useful – if I could find one!  In fact, my first wording had referred to the difficulty in finding such a ‘logo’, and that it was delaying launch of the blog. I didn’t have a specific date in mind, only knew I needed to get a move on as I’d sat on it for too long. (My testimony explains the relevance of launching the blog by December 2011.)

Courtesy of  Thanunkorn at FreeDigitalPhotos.netAgain I didn’t expect to find anything like a glass jigsaw but dipped into Free Digital Photos’ website. Amazingly, I soon espied an exact match for the concept I’d just written about! Also, the image’s open but blank book reminded me about an insight that God has an as yet unknown book to follow the Book of Revelation, as though it’s beyond the Bible’s rear cover (as told herein). It describes the world when His Kingdom has been established in its awesome fullness with mankind’s saviour, Jesus Christ, reigning as King of Kings.

Also, it’s intriguing that I’d intended writing about Tony’s two dream/visions but didn’t get around to it until last week – which is when another reader, Sally, had already received a download of insights whilst completing an actual puzzle!  I appreciate the details Sally.

Upon return I’d like to comment about Paul Keith Davis and Bobby Conner ‘webinar’. What’s remarkable about those two friends is they are scripturally scrupulous as well as having supra-natural sight and sensitivity. Have you watched that video yet?

May the Lord be with you and keep you and your loved ones…

[Credit for the jigsaw image goes to Thanunkorn at Freedigitalphotos.net]

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