I went in response

Amen and thank you Jarrod for this recommendation about ‘nudges’, and which no doubt also indicates how to be in the right place at the right time (click to read blog).



sunset“I went in response to a revelation…” Gal 2:2

What has God said to you lately? When is the last time you heard His voice? Do you sense a flow of the wisdom of heaven in your world today?

Paul says “He went in response to a revelation…”. Everything in our lives begins in the mind of God, and flows to us through the multi-media of heavens communication. A thought, a feeling, a hunch, a bible verse seemingly coming to life and jumping off the page.

When ever this happens, I write it down. The verse, the feeling, the nudge, even the exact words, on the occasions it comes with such clarity. I do this because I know when God speaks, He has some blessing, some good thing in mind, for me or someone I love. A miracle is ready to unfold!

If you want to start enjoying heavens…

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