If I were an American citizen…

…deciding how to vote in next week’s presidential election, I’d be extremely concerned over the issue of ‘Benghazi-gate’.

My brief has meant a weather eye has been kept on major international matters not only in the UK but also in the USA.  Most of my opinion comes from a Biblical viewpoint but I’ve had reasons to question Barack Obama’s motives from the outset of his presidency as evidenced, for example, in his infamous Cairo speech (here and here).  Although I’ve revisited and reassessed these during online discussion, subsequent events serve only to confirm my original viewpoint and strong reservations.

I have no political axe to grind. It’s not my place to make personal political opinion. We Brits usually keep religion out of politics and are cynical about politicians. Many of them do serve their communities conscientiously and effectively, yet a percentage of those in government are too easily ‘economical with truth’.

Even so, I was alarmed to note that in the debates Obama declared his ignorance of the circumstances surrounding his ambassador’s murder. Also, Secretary of State Clinton connected it directly to the fallout from that offensive video about Mohammed!  To a non-resident of the States watching from the far side of the ‘pond’, however, they are surely incorrect. How on earth POTUS, and dude VP, could not have been informed of these grave event stretches one’s imagination so far it snaps!  At best, these US ‘leaders’ exhibited gross incompetence or, at worst, are downright disingenuous. (I’ll save you the many references I could quote; am assuming my American friends are familiar with all this.)

Regular readers will recall my posts about the widespread Islamist attacks on 9/11 and that I quoted leading analysts’ immediate conclusions that the Benghazi attack was not a result of the video but of a fully planned military operation (ie. Carolyn Glick, Raymond Ibrahim and London’s Quillam Foundation; see 3rd and 4th paras here).  Just how can the USA’s top leaders feign ignorance??

[Update 5/11: former Muslim Brotherhood member now a peace activist Walid Shoebat is keeping close tabs and publishing a plethora of developments on his website.]

I’ve just finished catching up with the latest news on ‘Benghazi-gate’ and provide some informative links in case you wish to check it out:

Frank Gaffney’s highly critical report, The Real Reason Behind ‘Benghazi-gate.

David Greenfield’s well-balanced in-depth discussion on Benghazi’s Tough Questions.

Clare Lopez’ comprehensive security analysis, Benghazi: The Set-up and the Cover-up.

Her penultimate paragraph caught my attention:

How could he (CIA Diretor Petraeus) or any of those present when this momentous decision was made not have tried to make every effort imaginable to defend American territory and save American lives? House Government Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa believes President Obama had a political motive for rejecting Ambassador Stevens’ security requests because he wanted to show that conditions in Libya were improving, possibly to justify U.S. intervention in the Libyan revolution or even help pave the way for oil company investment. <emphasis mine>

Now the last points take us back to my comments at the start of the Libyan episode, in particular about western interest in oil wells!  (See prayer request based upon a ‘dream revelation’ about Libya and my covering comments here). Maybe in my hazy mention of oil I was unwittingly tapping into a truth?

Am I right to be concerned? What do you think?

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