Back to school / college / uni – part 2

The Why and Wherefore

When were you last with anyone not speaking English?  Maybe whilst on holiday where the national tongue is completely unfamiliar to you?  Could you understand what people were saying or did you try to converse?  In such situations have you ever heard a word or phrase suddenly pop up in English?  I find that especially amusing 🙂  Occasionally I’ll hear Polish or other Eastern European folk in the street chatting to one another and its weird when they mention a well-known brand-name or a locality around here.

Whenever that happens the English starkly stands out and catches one’s attention. So you may imagine what it’s like being in a gathering where the leader is speaking in an unintelligible language. Everyone else but you knows what’s being said and can follow naturally. But you’re left puzzled and reliant upon gestures and other indicators to get a gist of what may or may not be said.

What’s that got to do with my topic? Is it all about a language school?

No. But you could guess what it was like for me as a boy when my English mother took me to a place where everyone was speaking what was not only ‘double-dutch’ but also a dead language – one that no-one spoke in normal life anywhere!  It was from ancient Rome and used in mother’s local Catholic church during Sunday mass, or holy service.

Apart from when the priest would address the congregation on some grown-up stuff, the whole ritual was unintelligible to me, a young boy.  And in those days the celebrant had his back towards the people. Growing old enough to pay attention, with mother’s help, I heard odd snippets in English I could easily understand: the readings from the Gospels and Epistles.  Thus was sown an appreciation of the story of Jesus Christ, for I didn’t attend Sunday school.

I can recall thinking from these accounts it must have been fascinating to have seen the miracles, and I wondered what it would have been like to watch Jesus in action, even to hear Him or to eavesdrop whilst He was teaching His disciples, as though in His private and personal school. If only I could go back in time…

So let me bring you forward in time – by half a century! – to when I came across the blog item referred to in part 1. I was ‘nudged’ to catch up with Stewart’s blog and discovered  his School of Jesus. It evoked all those memories and supernaturally spoke into them.  Maybe it was the way Stewart says “Let’s go to school” and in unfolding the original Greek introduced us to our teacher, the one who will be not only our personal mentor, or rabbi even, but also headmaster and dean or vice-chancellor of this special school and who is also a lord and king; The King of Kings.

Before explaining about September 2012, first let me introduce you to Teacher:

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