Thank you Gillan for an excellent commentary upon this most welcome news – especially for including Dr Sookhdeo’s editorial. Perhaps we could say the ‘oiks’ have been hoisted by their own petard. The violent hatred expressed within the basic beliefs of their ideology should be evident to all rational people.

With all due respect to individual Muslims, the religion seems to regard their prophet as more holy than their god; is that not blasphemy? Until Islam has a Reformation this dividing difference between civilisations will remain. But I believe the Holy One of Israel is the one to do this – after all many Muslims are having direct revelations of Jesus and learning who he really is, which is not as Islam supposes!

NB: re. infamous video clip: WALID SHOEBAT, Palestinian ex-Jihadist now Christian, HAS PRODUCED EVIDENCE THAT THE MOVIE’S MAKER IS NOT A CHRISTIAN COPT! [link] His knowledge and investigations lead to the probable conclusion it may well be of terrorist origin in order to defame Christians, similar to false claims about Israeli sabotage of ‘holy’ olive trees.

God and Politics in the UK

Sometimes following a shocking incident hitting the headlines there can be a knee jerk reaction from the authorities trying to provide some sort of restitution to right a wrong.  This happened after the truly awful Innocence of Muslims film went global.  In their rush to respond and even appease the uproar of anger from many muslim quarters, a handful of people and organisations bowed to the pressure and made statements that were not well thought through.  A number of senior Anglican bishops from the global communion wrote to Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, asking for a declaration that outlaws “intentional and deliberate insulting or defamation of persons (such as prophets), symbols, texts and constructs of belief deemed holy by people of faith”.

At the same time the European Union along with the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Arab League and the Commission of the African Union jointly issued a statement condemning…

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