If in you’re London this Good Friday afternoon…

…then perhaps you could go to Trafalgar Square by midday for a couple of open performances which have our highest personal recommendation: The Passion of Jesus.  We’ve booked for a third trip to ‘partake’ in this modern rendition of The Life of Christ, as well as an amazing Nativity, in open fields on the North Downs, south of Guildford. There, the actors mingle among the audience and it seems as though we travel back in time.  It’s as though one’s there alongside Jesus and the disciples, watching and listening to all they say and do.

The annual ‘mystery play’ takes place in the Wintershall estate of the Hutley family and the development of their father Peter’s extraordinary project is published in today’s Daily Telegraph article, Jesus Christ, the Passion, the play and the public.  Therein, Peter Stanford describes the organiser as follows:

…perhaps the most extraordinary thing about Hutley is his conviction about broadcasting his beliefs, at a time when many Christians (including church leaders) prefer to hide their lights under a bushel for fear of their faith being attacked in such secular and sceptical times. “But that’s precisely it,” he says, more animated than ever. “I want to illustrate that Christianity is not dying, as we so often hear, that it is alive and active (my emphasis). And there couldn’t be a better place in the whole country to show that than in Trafalgar Square.”

Well said, sir!  The Lord be with you…

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