He’s On His Way

It’s SO encouraging that the Christmas advert I wrote about at the close of Points to Ponder: 2011-12 has been displayed to congregations by the leaders of a couple of churches in our locality.

Folk were amazed at its appearance right in the heart of the DailyTelegraph’s financial section. Perhaps when Jesus does return to our world, he may come in the middle of a complete economic meltdown?  Not that ‘the End is nigh’ – I’m not of that brigade!

Let me state my prime viewpoint, namely, that Jesus is coming back for a bride who’s ‘made herself ready’.  Thus, I expect the church to be restored in line with Jesus’ desire that she moves fully in the ‘greater works’ – to be a bride that has arisen with the glory of the Lord appearing over her and thus pierce the ‘thick darkness covering the peoples’, etc. (see Revelation 19.7, Acts 3.21, John 14.12 and Isaiah 60.1-2). There are clear indications that this preparation is happening globally through many ministries.

Click here for previous posting and scroll to the last sub-heading about the advert. If you’ve yet to read about the uncanny predictions reported in that posting, why not take the opportunity to read the full article?

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