Timing and ‘trap’ confirmed by prophets and scripture – 2

Thank you to Thesesa S for alerting me last night to this most powerful word broadcast on Tuesday (auto-generated text, so kindly bear with formatting issues – ’45’ is Trump):

April 4th 2023 approximately 3:45 P.M
and I felt the presence of the spirit of
as the Lord began
to release
his anointing for a prophetic word to
come forth regarding his servant 45.
Holy Spirit I yield to you may only the
truth of the Living God come forth
with wisdom understanding and revelation
my people I say again rejoice
we got them
Yes you heard right we got them
for there is something that I was doing
behind closed doors where no cameras
were permitted
that at this moment you do not know of
but you will
and this was part of my plan this entire
we got them
fear not
for yes I have been in control of this
situation from the beginning
and your prayers are not going to go
my servant my David
my Cyrus
shall not only accomplish that which I
have sent him into the Earth to do
but he will do so gloriously
triumphant (and) triumphantly
for I have promised
always to be faithful I cannot
be unfaithful
for America you made a covenant with me
through the Mayflower Compact of 1620
and I am honoring
that Covenant for I am a covenant
keeping God
just ask Abraham
and Isaac
in Jacob
ask my servants
who walk with me
if I am faithful
or not
the wicked that you see now
soon they shall be no more
some will repent
sadly many
shall be stiff-necked
refuse and resist me
and it hurts me
but they shall reap what they have sown
when repentance was available
they did not
receive it
still you prayed and interceded for
their souls
thank you for having my heart for Souls
my people
watch what unfolds the rest of this Holy
watch what unfolds and ask me for the
eyes of your understanding to be open to
see the revelation
and the prophetic parallels
to my walk and journey to the cross
when I brought Redemption
to all mankind
this week shall have a great resemblance
of that time
for 45
is my servant
and I am using
him as a symbol
of what I did for you
those years
those thousands of years ago
did I not allow myself to be turned in
in the same way
he was not
arrested but he surrendered quietly
did I not also
portray myself as Meek and humble
trusting in the father to deliver me
in this same way
45 has done the same
and shakings came
when I yielded myself to the father
by yielding my spirit
for great shakings
shall follow that which has occurred
this day
but oh
an angry and a great embarrassment unto
the kingdom of darkness
I made a show of them openly
and I will do so again
and many shall be awakened
to my truth into my hand upon 45
so fear not
continue pressing on praying and
interceding as you have been LED
to do
the lion of Judah
is come
and now
the turn around
shall be even clearer than before
I am the god
who causes all things to work for the
good of those who love me and are called
according to my purpose
you are mine
I have called you
and I love you
and you will come to know me
in a way like never before
and the world will know
that my hand
my approval
my anointing has been upon you
to the Patriots standing strong
supporting you
they shall also know me
the one who came to deliver this nation
when the false seers
prophesied Doom
it was not my spirit
speaking to them
has changed
this day
God bless
the Lord

2 thoughts on “Timing and ‘trap’ confirmed by prophets and scripture – 2

  1. Thank you so much for all you do for the Body of Christ, Richard!The LORD bless and guard you and your family and your ministry many happy years to come!HalleluYAH!The LORD bless and guard President Donald J Trump, his family, his administration and America many happy years to come!HalleluYAH!VINDICATION! RECOMPENCE! VICTORY! In the Mighty Name of JESUS. Amen!Lots of love and Shalom to the UNITED Kingdom 

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