A personal and scriptural link to current events over the ‘Pond’

On Tuesday 21st I shared Veronika West’s latest posting (20 March) to my Facebook:


..(as above image, from His Kingdom Prophecy)….

Well, as I pondered her very rude and matter a fact message, I immediately inquired of The Holy Spirit and this is simply what He said to me, 

”Caleb took the Giants at 85! It’s not by might nor by power — but by My Spirit!”

The Anakim — The Giants — were still inhabiting The Promised Land, and they had to be overcome.

Said Caleb, now at 85 years, “Give me this mountain….” (Joshua 14:12).

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Asbury and The Caleb Generation – Linda and Chris G Bennett

In my above post I refer to another dated 15.1.2015:

‘…wherein I transcribe the prophecy given after I’d already perceived a wall of fire across the front of the low platform and thereby separating (Dale Mast) and Dr Sharon Stone from the delegates:

“… Sir, you have hand up, right there. Stand up!”  [it’s me!]

Dale delivered a prophetic word from the Lord to me about Joshua and Caleb’s faith outlasting 40 years of doubt, to see what it was they’d believed come to pass. This relates to a dream that God delayed but which will come to pass for me. That’s really intriguing because another 15 years would pass before I became a believer – but 40 years ago my ‘dream’ was to find the real truth. (See this part of my personal story.)  Yet even older was a passing childhood fancy of how marvellous it must have been to see Jesus teach and heal people.

2 thoughts on “A personal and scriptural link to current events over the ‘Pond’

  1. Faith in God is life. Faith in God transcends time, space and age. Caleb and Joshua had faith in God and look how the Lord honored them.

    Abraham and Sarah had faith in God. Abraham was 100 years old and Sarah was 90 years old when Isaac was born. Can you see a 90-year-old woman, eight months pregnant, walking around? No, not really. It would probably blow my mind.

    I used to preach at a nursing home in Ames, Iowa back in 1989. I used to preach to older men and women who were in their 70s, 80s and 90s. If I saw one of those women in their 80s or 90s, walking around the nursing home, eight months pregnant, I would probably have a heart attack.

    The Lord really was glorified when Abraham and Sarah had Isaac. The Lord was greatly glorified through Caleb’s faith.

    It doesn’t matter if you are 25, 45, 85 or 125, if you have faith in God, the Lord will use you for His purposes in the earth.

    As for President Trump, he is anointed of the Lord. People who attack him usually crumble into powder. President Trump is more alive now than when he first announced his run for the Presidency back in 2015. Glory to God in the Highest!

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