Veronika West sees the Salvation of our God rend the heavens on our behalf!

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Published this morning on Veronika’s Ignite Ireland Ministry Facebook (hence unedited formatting):

“Above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one. And take the Helmet of Salvation, and the Sword of The Spirit, which is The Word of God,” Ephesians 6:16-17.
….Warriors on the Battlefield fighting for The Kingdom Destiny of the Nations, must stay standing on the great mountain of The LORD!
As I woke this morning, I looked out onto the Battlefield for the destiny of the nations.
…I see many casualties of war, I can even see some mighty Warriors that are now lying dead.
My natural eyes tell me that the enemy has the upper hand. With my natural ears I can hear the voices of the prophets of Baal as they spew out lies and falsehoods against God’s anointed ones.
Like the Black Widow Spider, they have spun their webs of deceit and they lay in wait for the weak and the vulnerable who are easy prey.
I hear the whimpering of many great Warriors on this Battlefield who have become defeated and disillusioned by the proclamations of the enemy, that declare that the powers of hell have gained a foothold that cannot and will not be broken.
Even my natural hands are feeling heavy from the battle and my knees are feeling weak and shaken from a long war.
In my mind in the natural, a battle is raging as thoughts of utter hopelessness and fear try to invade and take ground over radical faith and great expectation.
In the natural, I can see and feel a tangible demonic oppression trying to lay claim to my joy, hope, vision and peace.
This Battlefield for The Destiny of the Nations is unrelenting and ruthless. It is not a place for the faint of heart nor the weak in spirit.
I know that this Battleground is a place where Victory can only be gained in The Power of The Spirit and not in the weakness of the flesh, for my enemies are spiritual.
But the weapons of my warfare are not carnal, but powerful for the pulling down of every demonic stronghold.
Even the sound of my natural voice has experienced the onslaught of a jeering mocking spirit that has tried to silence my tongue, so that the power and authority in my mouth would not be released to establish Heaven’s Rule in the nations of the earth.
I see the hordes of hell are like wild beasts running rampant on this Battlefield for The Destiny of the Nations. The spirits of rebellion and lawlessness seek to rule with an iron fist.
When I see and hear in the natural, the armies of the enemy look like heavy, thick, black clouds that cover the skyline threatening to reign down upon the nations of the earth.
I see the flood waters of the spirits of control, fear and intimidation rising quickly to drown out the life and freedom from God’s People.
And like ravenous wolves, with their teeth laid bare the spirits of death and destruction run the length and breadth of the boundary lines of the nations. The smell of the blood of aborted babies and child sacrifice draws them in.
Nations that have passed laws that defy the sanctity of life and liberty have created portals and gateways for these high ranking warlocks and high priests of witchcraft to legally take ground.
As I look in the natural, I can feel the spirit of heaviness and despair trying to draw me into their world of wizardry and witchcraft.
That will seek to dim and distort my vision, understanding and revelation.
On this Battlefield for The Destiny of the Nations, I know that if I give the enemy just one word of my agreement, he will grow in greater power and strength to achieve and accomplish his demonic agenda in the nations of the earth.
Just one word of my agreement will arm my enemies with the authority to gain more ground and take new territory.
I know on this Battlefield for the Harvest and Destiny of the Nations, I must go up higher, I must quickly ascend the great mountain of The LORD, where my spiritual eyes can see from Heaven’s Perspective, where I can see that my enemies are under my feet, and that they are slaves fully subjected to The Power and Authority of the King of kings and Lord of lords, and where my ears can only hear the sound of The Frequency of Heaven, and where the sound of the mighty Roar of The Lion of Judah heralds a great Victory over the high priests of death and the warlocks of destruction.
Where the sound and manifest Power of The Seven Spirits of God violently shake the Heavens and the Nations of the earth.
Yes! As a Warrior on this Battlefield, I must remain seated in Heavenly Places, where my heart cannot be hijacked by the assassins of truth and righteousness.
Where my mind is stayed on Christ Jesus and where my thoughts are renewed and transformed into the mind of Christ.
Only here, on the great mountain of The LORD will His supernatural Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge and Counsel empower and enable me to take my stand on the front-lines of this Battlefield.
As an overcoming Warrior, I must remain fully reliant upon the power of His Grace and Mercy. To be unmoved and unshaken by what I see, hear and feel in the natural, my heart must be still in the knowledge that He is God — the great Conqueror of Heaven and on Earth.
The Captain of Angel Armies has an arsenal of lethal weapons that have been prepared to obliterate the forces of darkness that threaten to steal the birthright of the nations, and to kill his righteous and anointed Warriors.
In the midst of this battle that rages, to be victorious, I know I must keep my eyes fixed on Him, for He will fight for me.
On this day, He has bent and strung His Bow with the fiery arrows of His Judgement and Justice aimed at the heads of my enemies, for a Declaration of War has been made against the wicked.
As a mighty Warrior in the The LORD’s Army, I must arise to align and position myself to move in time with the drum beat of heaven.
In this I will advance together with the Angel Armies of The LORD to take dominion over the powers of darkness and to build and establish The Kingdom of Heaven upon the Earth.
From the mountain of The LORD, I see a Rainbow appearing in the dark skies over the nations. A divine convergence is taking place as the radiant light of the seven colours of The Seven Spirits of God now rises over the Nations, a light that will diminish the darkness that covers the land, a sign of his covenant promises to His Remnant Warriors who are standing and fighting on the Battlefield.
I see a divine intervention that is now coming that will overturn and overthrow the armies of the enemy — a supernatural suddenly that will hold back the rising flood waters and make a way where there seemed no way.
I see a new day is dawning on the Battlefield for the Harvest and Destiny of the Nations, for the Covenant Light of His Glory is now being made manifest on the Earth.
For this is the day of Kingdom Reformation, Divine Reversals, Restoration, Recompense, Vindication and great Victory.
So take heart oh mighty warriors on the Battlefield!
This is not the place for The Seed of Faith to die, but indeed it is fertile ground for The Seed of Faith to come alive, to grow, increase and become more fruitful.
….So be of good Courage, fearless brave hearts, and stay standing on the great mountain of The LORD…And you will see The Salvation of your God!
Blessings to you all
…by Veronika West 🙏💚

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