FYI: US Mid-term election corruption – fuller meaning of prophecy

This quick posting by way of update for my readers of quick posts on my Telegram and discussion on my Facebook time-line:

CORRUPTION IN THE MID-TERMS [ElectionFraud20 posted 15:54 today]
A brief list of some key issues being reported:

Election machines failed miserably across numerous states ( the machines were all “down” in Mercer County, New Jersey ( They were full of “mishaps” in Harris County, Texas ( and in Chesterfield County, Virginia ( and in Bell County, Texas and in Suffolk County, New York ( At least 20% of all the machines were “not working” throughout Maricopa County, Arizona (, causing long delays, and possibly the loss of people’s votes if they weren’t able to stay in line (the judge refused an emergency extension of voting hours). This was also after the state elections office threatened to sue Coconino County if they hand-counted their ballots.

Voting centers ran out of ballots (, including 19 locations in one county: Harris County, Texas. They “ran out of paper” in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. In fact, “officials say that roughly 44 polling locations in Luzerne County ran out of paper to print ballots.”

• Voters in Michigan told they had already voted ( Same in Pennsylvania (

• Vote totals in Ohio fluctuating up and down multiple times. Why would a vote total go down?

• Georgia vote total also went down (

• NM Governor also had vote count massively increase before falling back down (

• Massive vote dump ( in Michigan that flipped the race. Also Matt De Perno was winning for a period before a massive vote dump ( flipped his race.

• Similar dubious flip in Virginia HR 7 (

• Many issues in Pennsylvania ( including illegal electioneering (

• Colorado’s elections have been massively corrupt for some time, and it’s showing again in the current results

• The chart for Minnesota Governor looks very dubious. Why so many blue votes at the beginning? (

• A New York election worker for the Republican Party was secretly a Democrat (

Apparently Michigan ( passed a law that says only the Secretary of State (currently corrupt Jocelyn Benson) can audit elections

• Tucker Carlson calling for the end of voting machines ( (finally)

• CNN saying “stay off social media people (… trust your election officials, and trust us [here at CNN]” 🤣

• While Republicans are seeing some good wins, it doesn’t appear to be quite the “red wave” that was predicted in some of the polls. Is this because the fraudulent actors and black box machines are still running the same as they were in 2018 and 2020?

• But even so, the counting is not yet over. With many Republicans voting on election day, these late counts may swing more heavily Republican.

Updates or corrections to any of the above are welcome — let us know in the comments.

There’s more to come. Much prayer 🙏🏼 and action 💪🏼 is needed.


Early today I posted on Facebook in connection with one of Veronika West’s prophecies (LOL just look at my own number as ‘likes’ – so a ‘God-incidental’ confirmation – HA even the time-stamp!):


Veronika subsequently comments upon the middle Facebook item above:

“My heart cry is that folk learn how to not only weigh,..test and discern Prophecy but also to have the understanding that prophecy is multi-layered,…and has different depths of meaning and symbolism,..

..Prophecy is not one dimensional but multi-dimensional and can speak to many different things,…

..This prophetic word is a good example,..let’s look at just one aspect,…which is really the central focus of this dream “the See-Saw” which I believe speaks to many things,..but for the sake of time let’s take just two symbolic meanings,..”SEE-SAW,..can speak to the “Scales of Justice”…a Nation being weighed in the balance,…it can speak to a Nation in a time and season of Deliberation,..”A Nation in The Valley of Decision-Choose this day who you will serve??…A Nation at a divine tipping point…THESE ASPECTS ALL SPEAK POWERFULLY TO THE NEED TO FERVENT PRAYER….

Apart from the obvious it speaks also to two Political parties that are going head to head,…

…The Elephants and Donkeys,…again the obvious is two political parties,..however as the Sea-Saw was shown as a ‘T.R.U.M.P.’ See-Saw…TRUTH. RIGHTEOUSNESS. UNITY. MERCY AND PEACE….it speaks to the WEIGHT OF GOD’S TRUTH RIGHTEOUSNESS etc OUTWEIGHING THE SATANIC LIES etc,…The Weight of the Elephants TRUTH RIGHTEOUSNESS etc outweighs the Donkeys’ Rebellion, ..Corruption etc


…This prophecy says that no matter how much the donkeys tried to outweigh the elephants is was not possible,…WHO CAN STAND AGAINST GOD AND WIN,…

.. The See-Saw speaks powerfully to the “Balance of Power”…and this is NOT just political but also spiritual…

…The unfortunate thing is that many will only read prophecy through a political lens and equate everything to being about a particular individual or party,…yet we know that God is not on the side of any particular political party but He is only for Truth,-Righteousness, Unity, Mercy and Peace,…and btw the Unity not does not mean Uniformity,..nor does the Peace mean there is no War,…

We must Come up higher and move away from constantly looking at prophecy through a lens that is deeply prejudiced which only seeks to tick our own boxes,…

Prophetic Words must always always point us to JESUS,…and never towards any man or women or dare I say even a political party,…ONLY TRUE REPENTANCE HAS THE WEIGHT TO SHIFT THE SCALES,…

…Let’s stop and carefully and prayerfully weigh test and discern prophecy and ask Holy Spirit to help us cast aside our own political preferences in exchange for His Will and His Way and dare I say it, HIS TIMING!!!!


..See- Present Tense- GOD SEES

..Saw- Past Tense- GOD SAW


I reply: ‘Thank you for unfolding this dear Veronika – and this isn’t cognitive dissonance for there’s a possibility that the truth of a systematic manipulation of electronic records may emerge. After all, that’s why they don’t use single votes on 1 piece of paper but questionable markings on a sheet input into machines. This major issue was known well before 2020 election and recognised by Democrat leaders’.

To Richard Barker: ‘God’s Ways are not our Ways,…again and again I hear the Father say,..”DAUGHTER TELL THE NATIONS TO LOOK TO ME,…TELL THEM TO LOOK TO ME,..TELL THEM TO LOOK TO ME”….

Richard without going into details because it was a truly Holy and Sacred moment but the morning I received the word from the Lord,.. where He said,..”Tell them not to look to the Midterms”…I heard the Father weep,…I cannot put into words both the sight nor the sound of what I heard and saw as He Wept beseeching me to TELL THE NATION TO LOOK TO HIM ALONE FOR DELIVERANCE,…


Me to Veronika: ‘That reiterates the emphasis to avoid idolatry in political ardour..’

To Richard Barker ‘❤️ To lean on the arm of the flesh brings a curse.’


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