Brainless bots quote Reuters to censure Farcebuk re PM Sunak

I have much better material I’d prepped for this blogging day BUT had to wake in the early hours over related issue to pray for our new Prime Minister AND upon opening up my farcebuk after breakfast saw the top notification led to confirmation of the scriptures I’d used – but more of that soon. First however let’s laugh at Fbk’s reaction to this entry of Tuesday 25th October after THE highly apposite verse for that day:

The next day I find a notification issued about 6am about this:

Veronika and I both get another Badge of Honour from the brainless bots that, like their dead-in-the-spirit creators, just cannot YET understand spiritual matters! (If there’s time in very busy day before usual long weekend I may submit disagreement.)

In my asking, “Just what spirit is he kneeling to?” AND including a prayer for the PM, I am therefore being directly relevant and NOT AT ALL misleading!!

4 thoughts on “Brainless bots quote Reuters to censure Farcebuk re PM Sunak

  1. Hi Richard! I couldn’t bring Veronica West’s word up! It seems there is a blindness to the situation with Sunak! A Christian T.V. channel were saying they think he’s going to be good for Britain and that it is not really that important that he serves other gods! ” After all, God used non-believers throughout the Bible”! My husband and I will not accept this. We have now opened ourselves up to thousands of false gods, demons really and they are heading up our country! We are so upset about this Richard!! Will you try and get dear Veronica’s word over to us?

    love in Jesus,

    John and Carole Hawkwood


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