Veronika returns to the revelation of T.R.U.M.P. and 7-Spirit Whirlwinds and the battle

Upon booting up pc I checked Veronika’s Facebook and spotted this posted 10 minutes earlier and I remarked, “ABSOLUTELY ACE as i’m about to blog on this week’s US GOP primary elections with Maricopa county (Arizona) almost scientific repeat of obvious shenanigans vindicating your and others prophecies of DJT remaining POTUS (per 1Sam16, espec vv 1,7,13)” – 

“…There are days when the Spirit of Revelation will take me back into dream and vision encounters and I will be taken back into the realm and dimension of Glory from which that encounter was revealed, this place within the deeper realms,..I am often positioned again by the Spirit of the Lord to stand and War prophetically over certain aspects of that encounter,..I am called to release prophetic declarations and decrees over and into specific areas of revelation that was released, a Watchman that would be placed or strategically positioned to stand watch and guard over an specific area on the Wall,..

…I am taken often by the Spirit of the Lord while in prayer to witness both the uprooting and dismantling of those things that I have been shown to me over lands,..Nations and territories,..or I am shown that a re-planting,..rebuilding or repair and a divine work of restoration has now begun to take place,…

…I am commissioned by God to co-Labour with the Angelic in these matters by often just praying fervently in my Spirit Language,..(tongues)…In this place of intense warfare and spiritual undertakings, I am acutely aware that I am seated in Heavenly places,..surrounded by a wall of fire that protects and preserves me,..I am also often made aware of the Great Cloud of witnesses that are standing and interceding with Jesus and with me, the battles are being fought and won over the Destiny and Birthright of the Nations,…

…From this place I have been taken into the Court Room of Heaven where I have been shown many things that I cannot even begin to describe using words of the English language,..I am learning and being taught daily by the Spirit of Revelation that there are things within these realms of Revelation that cannot to be spoken or even uttered before the appointed time and hour and season,..there are hidden places within these deeper realms of Revelation and Glory that are sealed and locked up and only those that seek true Intimacy with the heart of the Father can be given access,..I have only seen but fleeting glimpses of these certain realms or places of divine and deeper revelation,..because my level of true Intimacy with the heart of the Father has not yet given me the access to these realms,…

…Though My heart yearns for more,..more and more of His manifest Glory in my life, Cry is not for Greater measures of Revelation but for deeper levels of True Intimacy with the heart of the Father,..for to Seek Him…for Him, too receive all that is in Him,..all the Secrets and the Hidden Mysteries of His Glory and Power are made available to His Sons and Daughters that KNOW HIM,…

…I share this to encourage you all that True Intimacy precedes Insight,..and that Supernatural Passion births Divine Purpose…

…I was taken back into a powerful Dream/Vision I had concerning the Nations,…and specifically the Nation of America and I was taken once again to THE ROOT SYSTEM of the Nation,..the Covenant Foundations of the Nation,..(I cannot share all that I saw)..,but I want to say PRAY FOR THE ROOTS OF THE NATION/S,..for there is a BATTLE RAGING OVER THE COVENANT FOUNDATIONS OF NATIONS in this hour,

…I am shown Satan strategically and relentlessly attacking the ROOT SYSTEMS OF NATION/S…seeking to infiltrate and undermine the strength of the Foundations of Nations,..there are Satanic agents that have been strategically placed,..and positioned in high ranking positions within in the Government and Religious institutions that are working hand in hand to dismantle and destroy the Covenant Foundations of the Nations,…there is a full scale attack underway to bring demonic defilements within the Root System as this ultimately will effect the fruits,../Kingdom Identity and Destiny of the Nation/s..!!”

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Vision of rainbow, stairway of living stones. T.R.U.M.P tree, 7-Spirit whirlwind and New Kingdom Reformation – Veronika West

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