4 thoughts on “The Opening Door; another clear vision – Chris G Bennett

  1. Richard do you recall my dream from 2020

    An Election Dream
    In the dream I was watching The View. For those who don’t know, the view is a daytime talk show hosted by 4 women who talk about various things in the news and provide their ” viewpoint”. As I was watching this show, in the dream, Whoopi Goldberg made the comment that the election would be overturned in a few weeks. She said it very matter of fact and I don’t recall much more being said.

    The dream shifted to what appeared to be a banquet. Mitch McConnell was seated at the center table and appeared to also be the master of ceremonies. In the dream he had kinky red hair which is not what he looks like in real life and I’m not sure as to the significance of the kinky hair but the red I’m assuming had to do with republican and the fact that he was the master of ceremonies meant that Republicans were in control. In the dream he introduced Justice Breyer who is the oldest Justice currently serving on the court. Mitch jokingly said as Justice Breyer was going up to speak that he hoped that they wouldn’t have to use their majority to confirm a new Justice very soon. Justice Breyer looked back at McConnell acknowledging the remark and also making a wise crack. When he got to the podium to speak his appearance changed and it looked like he was wearing a blond wig apparently trying to look younger . If you can imagine Elvis with blond hair then you know what I saw in the dream.

    That was the end of the dream

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