PS to Christopher Wickland’s 2019 prophecy update

Early this morning Prophetic Releasers for the UK Revival posted my earlier coverage of Revd Christopher Wickland’s 2019 prophecy, prefaced with his remark:

“Over the last few years God has given me many words about Boris Johnson stepping down and our current government collapsing. This is a judgement against the institutions and the filth they have allowed on our lands… But good will come…eventually.
Many churches and ministries will also fall in these days. But from the ashes something beautiful will come
Here is a prophetic overview of what’s coming.
Ps the wall of stone is StoneWall. It’s days are now numbered”

1 thought on “PS to Christopher Wickland’s 2019 prophecy update

  1. I have often thought of this prophecy and all I could remember is going through a tough season to humble us (the church and nation) so good to re-read again. 2 years later and with all that is happening the financial crisis, war and so on you can see it gradually happening.

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