Prophecy of Trump-Biden Poker Game now connects into Devolution Theory!!

Tuesday’s post on US 2020 Election Prophecies of Cheating Fulfilled… refers to the second dream shared by Veronika West entitled Trump-Biden Poker Game, on which I’ve blogged many times, as herein.

She had the first dream in late October 2020 and note that Donald Trump decides when to call ‘Time’ and take ALL the winnings!

I now find that Patel Patriot, author of the exceptionally researched series of in-depth articles on President Trump operating by means of Devolution, recently refered to such a ‘game’ – did he read Veronika’s account of her dream of October 2020?

On 30th January Patel posted this on Telegram [ ]

“Ok a couple things to mention from tonight’s rally and this is for those of you who don’t understand why Trump mentions 2024.

First, keep in mind who the target audience is here. He already had the full and undying support from his current base. He didn’t say anything to us that we didn’t already know.

These are campaign like rallies and he is holding them to win over those that are tuning in for the first time – those that are finally realizing the media has been lying to them for the past 6 years. Trump is winning over the newly awakened with these rallies.

Second, Remember why Trump walked away in the first place. He is exposing the entire political establishment. “You can’t tell them, you have to show them”. Who has red-pilled more people this last year, Trump or Biden and Co?

The longer Trump waits, the better it is for him and our country. It’s uncomfortable for us to think about that but it’s reality. Whenever he decides to make his move, I have no doubt it will be swift but we don’t know when that will be.

Take comfort in the fact that there is so much evidence of Devolution; it’s almost laughable.

Trump already won, it’s just a matter of when he decides to show his hand. He’s going to keep showing his poker face until then.”

Emphases added, AND to that item ‘Truth Hammer’ forwards this message:

“Someone asked a question based on some of the “hot takes” going around about devolution.

Some have pushed the idea that Trump is secretly controlling the government right now, while Biden sits in the White House. Some people hear that and say “I can’t accept this devolution idea that Trump running things from Florida, and therefore he’s responsible for all of these Biden policies”…

Let me pause and say this about devolution. At its core the policy of devolution means to break agencies up and empower them to act autonomously, without central control. So, by definition, Trump can’t be giving them orders AT THIS TIME.

What he did was issue orders BEFORE leaving office, enabling many areas of government to act without Biden’s direction, and to do so as long as certain emergency conditions exist.

On top of that he left several National emergency directives in place specifically tied to conditions related to the border, COVID, and foreign election interference.

Have you wondered why Biden hasn’t canceled certain orders? In theory… he can’t.

Trump handed Biden several catch-22’s. As long as the COVID emergency exists then certain restrictions that limit Biden’s freedom are in place… but if Biden declares the emergency over… then how does he keep the economy locked down? Biden is screwed either way.

Multiply this times at least DOZENS of similar policy traps. As long as this or that emergency exists then the National Emergency policy put in place can’t be changed, but if the emergency ends… Biden Admin loses any narrative for power.

They planned these lockdowns to go very differently. Look at Australia.

Devolution, if truly activated, means there are areas of the government that don’t have to listen to Brandon… they’re at least partially on autopilot.

Also, there are degrees of devolution, to be activated under different circumstances. We do not know HOW MUCH of that is at play.

My only goals with this post are to:
1) explain the decentralized concept
2) touch on Trump’s orders prior to leaving
3) touch on Biden’s policy handcuffs”

To access Patel’s material visit >

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