February disturbances – Chris G Bennett

After I’d collected more news screenshots for posting later and mulling over the Word received by Amanda Grace on Boxing Day over here, and going for a walk I returned to find Chris G Bennett had posted a directly related prophecy on his Facebook. He tells me it was confirmed by two prophets on either side of the ‘Pond’.  I’m not copying from that medium this time because that requires removal of 4-5 lines of coding Fbk inserts between its obscure paragraphs.  Please, therefore, weigh this with the Lord :

4 thoughts on “February disturbances – Chris G Bennett

  1. Hello Richard, That is an encouraging word from Mr. Bennett. Did he happen to clue you in to who or what the confirming words were? It would be nice to be able to see them. I wonder if one isn’t Robin Bullock as he has often referred to the person in the White House as a jackal. Another possibility being Timothy Dixon who has had dreams/visions of a military move on DC. Exciting times if you are in the Lord, scary to those not. We will most certainly look like anchors of stability to those unsaved. Mark Jenson

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  2. Dear Richard

    Picking this up a day later than I would have liked as we have family pressures here that are turning into a blessing but need time and careful nurture.

    Just wanted to say Hallelujah Amen! Now this all makes a whole load of sense. That one small fact re the I year moratorium the military face makes a world of difference.

    Yet also a friend posted to me late last night this little gem that I think you will enjoy simply re yesterday’s date 2-2-22…

    HAPPY NEW MONTH (referring to Israel’s calendar) HAPPY SPECIAL DAY 2-2-22 My Month of Double Portion of Blessings 2king 2:9. Double portion of God’s Spirit Isaiah 61:7. Double Honour and Joy. Zechariah 9:12. Double Restoration James 1:8. Increase Faith & Not Double Minded

    The period between now and 22-2-22 will be very interesting!!

    May the Lord bless & keep you!

    Shalom, love & continuing prayer Elaine


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