Vision of massive dam cracking up >> Freedom! – Johnny Enlow (GPS #71)

Johnny posted this last night as I was copying Sidney Powell’s latest into blog for posting this morning, thus confirming my reaction to that news ‘BOOM’: (Thank you Theresa and Rob for alerting me):

10 thoughts on “Vision of massive dam cracking up >> Freedom! – Johnny Enlow (GPS #71)

  1. Richard, Tommy Hicks was God’s man to replace T L Osborn for a Crusade in Argentina in the mid 1950’s. There was 6 weeks of healings, miracles and salvations, in meetings in excess of 200,000 in Stadium granted by Peron who himself was healed when Hicks asked for a Stadium in which to preach.

    In 1961 he had the attached vision/dream three nights times I seem to remember. Johnny Enlow’s reference to the ‘sleeping giant’ reminded me of it. If you have not seen it before, here it is, many blessings, Dave.

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  2. Hello Richard, I can’t help but wonder if there is both a natural and spiritual meaning behind this vision? The three gorges dam in China is I believe the largest dam in the world, it is the pride of the CCP and there are rumors and whispers that it is faulty and under stress from the massive rainfall they have been experiencing. Can’t speak to the veracity of any of that but it seems to form a nice parallel to the spiritual aspects of this vision. Please don’t ask me to dig up the rumors and whispers as I never archived any of it. However I can make a stab at it if you like. Mark

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  3. Richard do you recall my vision from 2010?

    I had a l vision, in this vision I saw a very large dam, picture something like Hoover dam if you will. As you know, the wall of this dam and its height are enormous. The dam in my vision serves 2 purposes: 1. it regulates the flow of water and 2. it restricts the movement of the fish within the dam as they can swim no further than the wall of the dam. The next thing I saw was thousands upon thousands of fish at the dam wall wanting to go forward but were prevented from doing so because of the dam’s wall and they were crying out to the Lord to be released . The wall in this vision is a picture of the church, as it has restricted if not altogether stopped, the flow of water, which is symbolic of the Holy Spirit, and it has restricted the flow of fish(people within the church) by erecting a wall called sacred and secular. As I said before, when picturing this wall, imagine something as massive as Hoover Dam, and for a wall of this size and magnitude to be destroyed, it would be only by the hand of God. But that is precisely what I saw in the next part of this vision. I saw this wall crumble and a torrent of both fish and water came out with great force. Down stream there were, “fishermen”, these represent simple church pastors, holding a net. A key here is that they were holding one net not many. Each pastor had a responsibility for holding his part of the net. Secondly, the net was being held vertically, and its purpose was not to catch the fish that were coming but to 1. protect the fish from hurting themselves, because they were coming downstream with a violent force and 2. the net served as guidance to see to it that the fish bounced off the net and back into the stream. This net was not for catching and keeping fish, fish out of water will die. The fish, on their own, formed schools, “Simple Churches”, and went with the flow of the torrent. Rivers, as you know, flow into oceans and oceans touch nations. The reason this wall has not crumbled yet is because there are not enough, “fishermen” to hold the net and why it is so vital that they be raised up as quickly as possible.

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  4. An additional thought. In the First Great Awakening Whitfield and Wesley both were forced to preach in open fields because the traditional church wouldn’t allow them to preach there. Thousands came, thus the religious dam broke

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