Weekend catch-up: my prophetical musing confirmed (GPS #68)

MOST UNUSUALLY in our normal long-weekend away from my desk, first thing Friday morning I spotted the previous evening’s US news and urgently posted it on this blog. As Nina is in choir practice I’m bringing my readers up-to-speed:

Implicit in Two Presidents prophecy…divided we fall – here we go!

Note my reference to the adage ‘United we stand, divided we fall’ for I was astonished to find only a few hours later that Veronika West ‘God-incidentally’ posted a vision alluding to that falling. I’d been struck by the clear contradiction between the cited statements of the puppet precedent, or ‘circus joker’ Joe Biden, and his vice-president ‘queen of hearts’ (per Veronika’s earlier vision) Kamala Harris. The first announcing government decree against freedom of personal decision and speech, the other stressing the right for people to “make choice without government influence”!!!  :

It reads in full (emphases mine):


So during my time of prayer early this morning (Friday),..before I even went into my prayer closet,… I felt such a spiritual heaviness upon me,..I literally felt like I had a yoke around my neck,..but I recognised the weight of it and the sense of oppression on it,..so I immediately began to bind and break what was trying to settle over me,…as I began to pray in the Spirit I saw that the devil was mad, frustrated and infuriated,..he was pacing up and down,..

I could feel a tangible sense of the devil’s desperation and he was becoming more and more agitated because his agenda in the Nations especially the Nation of the USA was not accelerating as quickly as he would have liked,…and while there were some demonic assignments that seemed to be gaining legal ground,…the prayers of the Remnant that were going before the Courts of Heaven was making it a constant and unrelenting battle for Satan to gain a firm foothold and therefore the time he needed to build and establish a demonic stronghold was not being permitted to him.

Now as I went into my prayer closet already seeing and sensing these things in Spirit,…suddenly I felt the Anointing of God begin to rise up within me,..the Breaker Anointing began to ignite and activate the Authority of God within me,…I went from feeling a deep sense of weariness and oppression to being catapulted into a position of Waging War….over the works of the devourer,…and as soon as the Re-Alignment came,…suddenly I saw and heard something by the Spirit,…

I saw the Nation of America and I saw Joe Biden, his Administration and many others that were in support of him,…and they looked to be holding a thick RED ROPE in their hands,…and I saw that a TUG OF WAR was in progress,…but strangely I did not see who was on the other end of the rope,…but as I looked at them I could see that there was a great number of them,…and they were PULLING HARD,…THEY PULLING THE RED ROPE WITH ALL THEIR STRENGTH AND MIGHT,..AND WITH THEIR HEELS DIGGING DEEPER AND DEEPER INTO THE GROUND THEY PULLED AND THEY PULLED,…their faces becoming redder and redder,…sweat began to form on their foreheads which began to drip down upon their very red faces,..they shouted out loud as they battled and pulled,…

I watched as many that were pulling began to fall down as fatigue began to take hold,…some tried to change positions,..some were swopping places,..trying desperately to gain some sort of momentum in order to take ground,…but the thick RED ROPE just seemed to stay in the same place,…all their desperate efforts were futile,…now as I watched this taking place,…suddenly I heard these words,…”THEY ARE FIGHTING A LOSING BATTLE,…FOR IT’S A TUG OF WAR THEY WILL NEVER WIN”…as I heard those words suddenly I saw the RIGHT HAND OF GOD ON THE OTHER END OF THE THICK RED ROPE,…and I heard these words,…”WHO CAN WAR AGAINST MY RIGHTEOUS RIGHT HAND AND WIN?”…!!!

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