America’s purging and refining as gold – Veronika West

Further to my previous ‘God-incidence’ on both sides of the ‘Pond’ NINE MONTHS after the 3rd November presidential election, His Kingdom prophecy published on 3rd August this prophetic word given to Veronika:

“A Nation at boiling point.… but watch — for My Glory shall be poured out and a Nation purged and purified shall come forth as pure Gold!”


In the early hours of this morning, just before a Night Watch, I was woken ahead of the time and I heard The Spirit say, 

”I AM coming suddenly and in unexpected ways, in ways never seen or heard before!

“Watch! For the ground shall suddenly shake in a Battleground State and this shall be a Sign that My Sword of Truth is falling upon this Land.

“Yes! A shaking and a quaking shall come as a Sign of a Great Awakening that is taking place — a Sign of a Realignment and a Reordering of things — a Sign of a Great Uncovering of the spirit of corruption and perversion — a Sign that My Spirit Winds are blowing forth to reveal and expose the deep rot in the root system of this Nation.

“For the foundations shall be shaken and the cracks shall be seen. But Watch, for I shall surely release My Oil of Healing and Restoration again upon this broken land and its people.

“Why? I tell you, the cries of a Righteous Remnant have touched My Heart and moved My Hand.

“For truly I tell you, My Justice and Mercy shall triumph and My Glory shall be seen, heard and felt, even as the ground beneath your feet shall feel the soil of your land shake.

“Yes, I say a shaking in a Battle State. I say even Fires on the soil that contains oil.

“Texas shall be a Sign, Washington shall be a Wonder and California shall be a Miracle!

“Watch, as My Hand moves, as My Spirit Winds blow.

“See, for even now the temperature gauge of your Nation shall begin to rise, for this land has reached a Boiling Point.

“As the battle in The Spirit Realm intensifies for the Destiny and Birthright of this land, so Watch and Listen!

“For a sound shall be heard as the My Roar of The Lion of Judah goes forth across this Nation, and the Bells, the Bells shall be heard once again as the cry of My Radical Reformers and Reclaimers rise up, calling for The Liberty of a Land that has been bound, silenced and shackled.

“So I say again — Watch! as the soil shakes and as the temperature gauge rises.

“See! For surely I will accomplish more in one day than man can accomplish in a thousand years!”

As I heard those Words, I saw a large Red Kettle sitting upon the top of a Furnace, and the temperature gauge on the Furnace was rising, as the fires of the Furnace were being turned up.

Suddenly I heard a loud and piercing sound of a loud Whistle, and I saw the large Red Kettle begin to shake violently and hot steam could be seen blowing forth from the spout of the Red Kettle and I heard these Words,

”A Nation at boiling point! But Watch — for My Glory shall be poured out and a Nation purged and purified shall come forth as pure Gold!”


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

For a fuller account as Veronika recounts a vision in depth along with a prophetic warning about idolatry, watch from 43 mins mark:

3 thoughts on “America’s purging and refining as gold – Veronika West

  1. Richard do you recall this dream from 2013?

    I had a dream 11/20/2013. In the dream/ night vision. I saw a large heavy Iron pot. I cold not see what was in the pot because there was a lid on the pot. However, what ever was in there was boiling rapidly as it was making the heavy lid on the pot rattle as it boiled. The pot was suspended, in my dream over the United States. What comes to mind is the vision that the Lord showed Jeremiah.
    The word of the LORD came to me again: “What do you see?” “I see a pot that is boiling,” I answered. “It is tilting toward us from the north.” The LORD said to me, “From the north disaster will be poured out on all who live in the land.
    (Jeremiah 1:13-14)
    In my dream, I too saw a boiling pot but it was upright still and not being poured out on us as in Jeremiah’s vision. The pot in my dream was covered, however, as in Jeremiah’s vision, the pot was boiling which in turn caused the lid to rattle in my dream. The rattling lid is a warning that judgement is ready to be poured out and is, in my opinion, a call to repentance. In the natural, when a pot is covered and it’s contents are subjected to high heat, what happens is that the lid will begin to rattle and the contents will begin to seep out over the sides of the pot as the lid cannot keep them in.
    It would seem that the boiling pot is indicative of judgement. In Jeremiah’s case the judgement was a foregone conclusion as the boiling pot’s contents were being poured out on the land. In the case of the United States, it would seem that the Lord is giving us time to seek His face and repent.
    For it is time for judgment to begin with God’s household; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God?
    (1Peter 4:17)

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