Was removal of previous post’s content on Trump ‘accidental’?

Long overdue a coffee-break after drafting and publishing the previous post I logged off at desk pc, left the study and grabbed the ground coffee for our cafetiere and sat with it in the conservatory. Then getting back online with a laptop I was astonished to see the opening paragraph of the last post staring at me on its own – nothing else!  WOT!!

IF that’s all you saw too, please revisit the correct, full version by clicking here.

Everything I’d blogged about how Veronika’s word ties in with a rebroadcast of a warning statement from Donald Trump was wiped away! I’m not paranoid in thinking it may have been caused by a ‘gremlin’ because WordPress is – or has been – free from censorship.  So it was probably caused by a weird glitch over the internet.

But how did that happen??  And a good job I soon checked…

After finishing hat post I scheduled publication for 11.30am, but dipped back to amend the first paragraph and hit ‘Update’ button. Normally, everything should be fine – but little did I suspect it was not. It even looked fine when I was sharing it to my Farcebuk’s timeline.

However, I didn’t want Fbk to show automatically the image from Veronika as one was already on an earlier item but tried to select one on my pc’s desktop of Trump copied from The Gateway Pundit. On doing that, however, the item in Fbk got linked into TGP instead – so I had to discard my attempt and maybe that was somehow connected into my latest WP post?

YET that wouldn’t explain how several paragraphs and images subsequent to the opening paragraph got wiped away.  It’s a good job WP retains up to 25 of the latest revisions and so I could resurrect the previous and use it to update the ‘glitch-edited’ version.

My intention of connecting different – yet apparently related – statements by our sister and by the President is to assist in our sensing what’s happening behind the scenes.

Maybe what I’d put my finger on is a bit near the mark and needed removing by…??

1 thought on “Was removal of previous post’s content on Trump ‘accidental’?

  1. Dear Richard,
    when we prepared to maybe leave for Germany sometime before 2015 I was searching for websites like ‘Richard’s Watch’ but I did not have any luck whatsoever. I tried all combinations of words repeatedly over a longer period of time: never any hit. That made us think it was for us to move as esp I (as far as I can remember) had dreams and visions of going there again over the previous 30 years or so.
    Perhaps Veronika’s prophecy was not interpreted correctly.
    It can also happen the other way round: on the 26.3.2021 , a few hours before the beginning of Pessach a window had appeared on the screen: I had not looked for any of its contents, but as it was just before Pessach I thought this is a gift from the Father: I did not know anything of the man depicted, not his name, not his fame, not that he is a compatriot. It also named Wagner, the composer of whom I had become very sceptical: before and on relocating to Germany I thought it was time to explore his work, there were quite a lot of productions – from Bayreuth- on TV: I rarely managed to watch and listen beyond the openings.. The productions were really off-putting . I had tried really hard.
    The Lord had given me the key to Wagner and Jonas Kaufmann. What a voice! What a composer. It is real work to get to know Wagner’s work and so richly rewarding. It has been what has been missing .
    I take incidents as these seriously.

    God bless you for your dedication.


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