God’s vision of America beyond the Ash-heap – Veronika West

Personal Note: A reader remarked, it seems increasingly that my blog has become a site for American prophecy and matters American. I replied this change came through a combination of major events plus tight time-constraints and especially in application of two personal prophetic words over the past two years. A pastor-prophet saw my scatter-gun approach becoming laser-like and rather than running ‘all around the walls’ to watch and alert as much as possible, I’d focus upon very specific activities. Also, I’m not alone in this for Veronika West is based in Northern Ireland.

As Timothy Dixon said this week, the Lord is focusing upon America to re-establish it as the centre of freedom and global evangelism for their establishment in other nations.
Introduction to the Vision:

Here’s another most encouraging prophetic vision posted Friday that blessed Veronika with more insights on the Lord’s thwarting the devil’s tactic of kick-starting End-times ahead of time in order to prevent His harvesting of souls and the separation of ‘sons of the evil one’, as in Jesus’ parable of the wheat and tares (Matt 13). Therefore, we look forward to signs of the Lord’s direct intervention. This version is from His Kingdom Prophecy (linked via title):

America…. ”I See You On The Other Side of the Ash Heap and its Seven-Fold Restoration and Kingdom Reformation!”

The Sword of The LORD will fall… A warning to those who would say, “Just curse God and die America, for God has surely forsaken you!”

America… Take heart in this hour. hear The Spirit say, ”My beloved America. Remember Job and how I restored to him seven times what was stolen!”

In the early hours of this morning I suddenly awoke from a very deep sleep to these Words, ”Woe to those who say, “America just curse God and die, for surely He has forsaken you”!”

.As I heard those Words, I suddenly felt a powerful angelic presence enter my room and I discerned the presence of an Angel standing before me in the corner of my room.

Now, I have what I call ‘my prophetic table’ in my room where I have a number of specific items I am led to buy with each passing season. Each of these items are powerfully symbolic to me, as I journey through each season with The LORD and they are often used as strategic reminders of God’s Word to me in times of prayer and intercession.

Anyhow, at the moment, I have a large Hour-glass sitting on my table, and as I discerned the presence of the Angel standing at the corner of my room, suddenly I saw in The Spirit, the finger of the Angel touching the top of the Hour Glass.

And as his finger touched the glass, the sand which was fully settled on the bottom half of the Hour Glass suddenly began to lift-upwards.

I watched as the grains of sand began to fall and fill the top of the Hour-glass.

As I looked at this taking place, I heard these Words,. ”Watch! For the time of Divine Reversals and the Seven-Fold Restoration of all things has now begun!
Watch! As My Sovereign Hand now moves upon The Sands of Time to Reverse and Restore what the enemy has stolen and lay claim to.”

Now, as I heard those Words, I suddenly saw Job come up before me in a vision, where I saw Job sitting upon an ash heap and he was scrapping the boils on his skin.

As I looked at Job sitting on the ash heap, suddenly I saw the Angel of The LORD, touch the Hour-glass again for a second time, and the grains of sand began to fall (in a backwards motion) with an even greater acceleration.

Then I heard these Words,
”The time is now. A kairos time of Justice and Judgment in the earth. Listen, My beloved America! Take heart and be of good courage in this hour of great suffering and affliction.
I say, do not look to the ash-heap from where you sit, nor to the infected boils that now ravage your skin.
Do not be afraid, nor dismayed. Let not your minds be confused or disillusioned by what has suddenly befallen you. For surely I tell you, you have found great favour in My Sight.
But look to the hills from where your help comes from! For I tell you, the hour of Divine Reversals and Seven-Fold Restoration will soon come upon you.
I say again, listen and be careful to obey My Laws. Look not to the left nor to the right, but remember My servant Job and how the devourer was granted permission to touch his life.
My beloved America, I say again, fear not! For My Hand is now moving to strip off and expose what has been hidden and concealed beneath the cloak of darkness.
For in nakedness you once stood before Me, and in nakedness you shall return to Me again, for I have greatly humbled you in this hour — not that I may destroy you — but that I may lift you up again to new and greater Life, Increase and Prosperity and Kingdom Purpose and Destiny.
Now watch as My Sovereign Hand now moves upon The Sands of Time to Reverse and to Restore seven times what the enemy has stolen and lay claim to!”

Now as I heard those Words, suddenly I saw the Angel of The LORD draw up a Sword from under his garment and he lifted the sword high above his head.

I felt The Spirit of The Fear of The LORD fill my room and I heard these Words, ”Woe to those who say, “America, just curse God and die, for surely He has forsaken you”.”

As I heard those Words being released into the atmosphere, suddenly I saw the sword of The LORD in the hand of the Angel fall upon the necks of those who would dare say that America should curse God for surely He has forsaken the Nation!


Just for clarity: Double or Seven-Fold?

Well, we all know that God indeed restored double to Job. I believe what when The LORD speaks here concerning a coming Seven-Fold Restoration, it is two-fold.

The First being. that “Seven-Fold” is prophetically connected with the biblical understanding of the number (7) which represents completion and perfection. The good work God started in the Nation of America will be brought to completion and perfection.

Secondly, I believe prophetically it speaks to The New Era we have entered into, where we are going to begin to see a greater outworking of The Seven-Fold Spirit of God at work within the Nations for the purpose of Divine Restoration and Reformation to His Church the ekklesia!

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

11 thoughts on “God’s vision of America beyond the Ash-heap – Veronika West

  1. Hi Richard- we visited long term friends and mentors we haven’t see for a year due to lockdown. We had to share how God has led us down the journey of watching things in America and all that we have learned on the journey and been shown by God. We now think my husband had a very significant dream in 2009 that refers to all of this in a huge way. We can’t fully explain it but this is how God has led us too and we believe it will have huge relevance to the U.K. too. Blessings to all

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  2. Richard: I have been an Anglophile since I could remember: probably because of Shakespeare, John Milton, the King James Bible, George Fox and the Quakers of the 1600s and the English Civil War (1642-1651) (I believe the English Civil War was a precursor to the American Revolutionary War). Some people are calling what is happening in the United States right now The Second Revolutionary War. I believe the United States is supposed to be a light to the nations for the Gospel and that President Trump was put in power for such a time as this. So what you said in your first paragraph bears witness with my spirit and I say Amen to what Veronica West wrote.


    Dreams from the LORD 2003-2006
    21 July 2005
    A Revolutionary People at War: The Continental Army and American Character
    By Charles Royster
    “Prologue: The Call To War, 1775-1783”:
    Page 5: “Many revolutionaries believed that God had chosen America to preserve and to exemplify self-government for the world. The revolutionary generation had to fulfill God’s purpose against the attacks of men who, they thought, knowingly strove to sap or smash self-government everywhere. History was full of tyrants who ruled because they alone were strong or because the people had decided to share the rulers’ corruption by selling themselves into slavery. Seen in this light, the British attack was no surprise, just as America’s freedom was no accident. Britain sought to subjugate America partly out of envy of America’s strength, prosperity, and liberty. Britain and America were like Cain and Abel, but Americans would defend themselves. Having been chosen by God to show how self-government enabled a people to flourish–and holding this promise in trust for the world–what could Americans expect but assault? In the New Jersey Journal, ‘A Soldier’ said, ‘We ought to rejoice that the ALMIGHTY Governor of the Universe hath given us a station so honourable, and planted us the guardians of liberty, while the greatest part of mankind rise and fall undistinguished as bubbles on the common stream.’”

    A Revolutionary People at War


    This is a comment I put on the blog Dover Beach a while back:

    The money of the elite prevails in the world system, not the Kingdom of Heaven. The currency of the world is definitely money (“the love of money is the root of all evil” – I Timothy 6:10). If you have money, you can have power and influence or else you can buy power and influence.

    The currency of the Kingdom of Heaven is the Presence of God. The Presence of God or the Power of God slices through everything in the world system like a hot knife through butter. The Presence of God or the Will of God trumps everything (no pun intended): the Lord put Donald Trump in the White House, even though billions of dollars was spent on Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

    Using money as influence works in a democracy or in mob rule. George Soros pays protestors to riot, destroy property and kill people: in the short run, these anarchists get all the attention they want from the Marxist mainstream media; in the long run, the Presence of God prevails and these anarchists end up hanging from their own gallows in the court of public opinion.

    The United States was set up as a constitutional republic or a representative republic, not a democracy. Hired thugs love a democracy; Christians love a constitutional republic: it is darkness vs light and light will always win out: the Lord will always prevail.

    What we are seeing in our American Republic is a fight between the ideals of the English Civil War (1642-1651) and the ideals of the French Revolution (1789-1799): Christianity vs Godless Marxism, Christ vs Satan.

    “The civil war of the seventeenth century, in which Milton is a symbolic figure, has never been concluded. . .”

    –T.S. Eliot, MILTON (1947)

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    • Thanks Richard for sticking to your remit and Amen Tim. I have been praying this way in the land for the last 16 years – something huge from ages past (the blood of the martyrs??) has been rolling toward its denouement because the Lord does not forget. Tim, you articulate this clearly through your helpful potted history. Praise the Lord. I am sometimes reminded of the saints under the altar in Revelation who are told to wait a little longer until the fullness of time – in my humble opinion, it feels like Heaven’s answer to their cries is drawing very close and may have something to do with the epoch “shift” spoken of by prophets lately and that we all sense.

      As an aside, I was in a church service in Banbury (round head stronghold during civil war) during HS visitation during the 90s when a visiting prophet from America prophesied that John Bunyan had preached there and that prophecies he’d given were yet to be fulfilled. There are many of these long dormant kingdom seeds in the land that are yet to be released.

      Just now, I am reminded to the scripture: “Cast your bread upon the waters and after MANY days, it will return to you”. What went to America may return here?

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  3. Facebook comments Sun 25 April:
    Chris M
    Totally with you dear Richard on the strong US focus.
    I firmly believe that some nations are given a Governmental leadership role, as a blessing for others.
    This is WHY the US (and UK) have been the focus of such strong demonic attack over the last 100 years.
    As a result, the enemy construction a London, Washington, Vatican triangle of demonic control.
    But this is now being exposed and dismantled.
    For sure, the US is presently ahead of us, but blessingvwill come to the UK through her.
    People will be very shocked at the depth of evil that will be uncovered.
    And the reinauguration of President Trump will send shock waves around the world, as the LORD confronts Babylon the Great, Satan’s worldwide kingdom, head on.

    Maxine D
    Chris M… It’s a puzzle to me about which comes first – God’s Kingdom in UK or USA – after having various visions and dreams related to the Lion of Judah rising up to reign in the new millennium. On June 23, 2007, I had a vision at dawn in which I was in a castle, all alone, and woke to see a horse-drawn carriage silently making its way up a long lane to where I was. The horses, the carriage, everything was pure white. My heart nearly leaped out of my chest as I thought I wasn’t nearly ready to receive this guest, and then heard in the Spirit these words: “Wake up O sleeper” and then “A man who is already clean needs only to wash his feet”. From then until June 23, 2016, on the day of Brexit, I’ve always sensed the Lord showing me an open heaven from Canada/UK opening the way for what God is doing in USA.


  4. Speaking from New Zealand it is interesting how the media have an extraordinarily one sided version of what is happening in the US. For example, not reported in the news is that over 100 US police officers have died so far this year. (It is only April). The reported news appears to be filtered through the Democrat Party.


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