Elijah Streams update by Kat Kerr on election fraud

My cyber-buddy Chris Moyler often recommended Kat Kerr to me, but I’ve now been able to watch her for the first time.

I’m pleasantly surprised to find in the first minutes of Wednesday’s Elijah Streams that Kat speaks into a few details of my last posts. She is not prophesying but saying she’s aware of arrests of leaders in Italy for treason, insurrection and conspiracy against the USA, against the President (ie. Trump) and against the elections! Official indictments are signed and sealed for action overseas first, then followed inside the federal States.

Click/tap screenshot to play YouTube:

Chris kindly provides an overview of the session’s important points with time-marks:
16:00 The prophets are united in standing for what God has promised (his DIVINE REVERSAL!)
19:30. TRUMP won the election, and everyone will SOON see the hard evidence of this.
The LANDSLIDE of fraud that will be exposed will be so deep and so vile that people will be very shocked when they see who was involved.
JUSTICE will be given. (Kat DOES NOT set a time!)
The US will be set free and it will remain free.
Wicked leaders are being arrested around the globe.
21:30. Steve asks, “Many say that Biden won, and even if we don’t agree, we should still pray for him?”
Kat replies,
“The BIBLE says to pray for those in authority. Biden has NO AUTHORITY.
“Pray for President Trump and those Governors who are NOT part of the cheating.”
23:15. Pray for the cheaters to get mercy and not the DEATH PENALTY.
24:10. BIDEN is hiding from the people because it was a FAKE INAUGURATION.
25:10 BIDEN does NOT have the use of the Presidential motorcade or Air Force 1. President Trump does.
We will be speechless at the wickedness that will be uncovered around the world.

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