The two signet ring prophecies and Queen Esther – Biblical decrees

After the previous post I trust you have now read the reference to ‘The King’s Ring’ in the prophetic vision recounted by Tim Dixon. This dream is highly significant in referring to vast crowds in Washington congratulating Trump and its revealing a hidden, secret person holding The King’s Ring, which he’s had since Trump left office!

This dream goes in tandem with its following post: A signet ring nation will arise and become of divine significance in the decade ahead, as brought by Veronika West.  Both were published on Monday just past.

On Tuesday I got this directly relevant email from David Chapman, one of this blog’s authors (emphasis therein added):

‘We had a v good Sun morning prayer time, and saw for first time – I know I’m slow on some things! – how Esther in 8 v 1 has a second plea to the King and the sceptre held out again. This time to plead for the safety of all Jews everywhere.

‘The King then told her and Mordecai to write the Decree and Seal it with his ring!  We actually put together our own Decree for this present w/w situation from that account, based on America of course at present but clearly much wider, which was a completely new understanding for us regarding Decrees.  So we know God is up to something.  Many blessings, Dave.’

I asked if he’d would kindly prepare a briefing on this, which with the editorial assistance of his dear wife Ann reads as follows:


Queen Esther by Edwin Long (1878)

Many, if not most of us, are familiar with the story told in the Book of Esther of how Esther, a Jewess, became Queen (church bride type) to the King Xerxes (Jesus typology) of the Persian Empire some 500 years before Christ actually came to the earth.  She was rightly positioned to petition the King – placing her own life on the line – to save her people from the Decree that the wicked Haman (anti-Christ Governor type) had made to kill, destroy and annihilate all Jews on a certain future date.  Of how Mordecai (watchman type) urged her to go before the King, as she had “come to the Kingdom for such a time as this” 4 v 14, to plead their cause.

After prayer and fasting for three days, she did so, and to her relief the King held out his Golden Sceptre to her.  She requests a Feast for him and Haman together.  That night she holds back her real reason for the Feast and asks for another evening Feast the next night. The King grants her the request.  Meanwhile Haman is enraged that Mordecai will not bow to him, and at the advice of his wife (Jezebel type) builds a gallows to hang Mordecai on.

The next night at the Feast the King asks Esther what is her request. She states there is a plot to kill all her own people.  After finding it out it was Haman’s plot, which had been decreed with the Kings seal (signet ring) he orders Haman to be hung on his own gallows! (7 v 9)  Moreover, Mordecai was introduced by Queen Esther to the King as her relative that had brought her up, and he was given the King’s signet ring and charge over Haman’s house!  Time for rejoicing, celebration at such a great victory, and go prepare their own Feast!   NO SUCH THING.

Mordecai had returned to his ‘day job’ at the Gate of the Palace, while Queen Esther fell once again at the King’s feet, distressed that all her people would still be destroyed, 8 v 2 – 3. The King held out the Golden Sceptre to her again!  It is what happens now that is so amazing.

She asks for him to write letters to revoke the ‘unalterable law of the Medes and Persians’.  The King (Jesus type) says “I have given Esther the House of Haman (Governor type) ….. you and Mordecai (watchman type) write a decree….as you please, in the King’s name, and seal it with the King’s signet ring; for whatever is written in the King’s name no one can revoke” 8 v 8.

Now in all the times I have read this book of Esther, this had never stood out to me as it did this time.  Mordecai and Esther saw the evil that was planned against them and their people, and so began under with the King’s authority to write a Decree that would supercede, or take precedent over, the previous Decree!  It basically granted permission to the Jews that when they were set about on the already known date, THEY could defend themselves, and destroy all who would attack them, and take their possessions, 8 v 11.  This document was sealed with the King’s ring by Mordecai, and letters went throughout this huge Empire that spread from Ethiopia to India – from the God appointed world Empire and main ruler of its day.

Now they could rejoice!  Final victory was assured, 8 v 16 – 17, and a new day dawned so that the known world revered and feared God’s people, the Jews. The typology for our present time is huge here.


Set against a backdrop of utter contempt for Christian worship, not just in America, but in Britain too, by those wishing to impose a secular society on us all, have we not had the King’s Sceptre extended to us over the past years, this last year in particular, as we have called upon the Lord to deliver us from rulers and governments who do not fear Him, who enter wicked schemes to enslave, control, even destroy eventually, those who will not honour their rules concerning worship, or sanctity of life, and to remove peoples freedoms through health scares etc?  I believe we have, and that we have been heard. And He will deliver us.

But, I for one, have not seen before that by our King’s authority, (King Jesus that is, Melchizedek, King of Righteousness, and Salom/Peace) as He holds out His Sceptre again to us, that we can write the Decree to destroy the wicked One’s plans right now, that will enable us to ‘fight back’ and overcome in the name of the Lord, and plunder the enemy’s goods too.  Basically, Righteous rule through Mordecai was established in the Land at that time, God’s people were saved and delivered “and many people in the land became Jews because fear fell upon them” 8 v 17.  Another promise of harvest of souls in our time!

In this account we see clearly that authority is given to the Church Jesus builds to write the Decrees for the welfare and protection of God’s people, which can only result in great blessing upon ALL citizens, because we shall see God’s Kingdom rule – based in righteousness, justice, mercy and truth – taking its place in a way this world has not seen before.

When we saw this last Sunday we began to write our Decree, for this present hour and time! We declared it together, in the name of the Lord of Hosts – just three of us!  But, Jesus said “where two or three are met in His name, there am I in the midst”…He also said “ I will build My church and the gates of Hell shall not hold you back”!

When He said ‘church’ he used the word known to the people of that day of “Ecclesia” – a governing assembly!  A legislative assembly!  That is, those that effectively make decrees, laws!

If we are able to understand some of the key principles of the Kingdom of God, and of the nature of His rule, we can begin to take our place as those under His authority, who with Him begin to become ‘enforcers’ of those principles, not with the flesh, but in the Spirit.  We have to see wicked plans and schemes come down, just as Jeremiah had to pull down first by his words, along with those who on this earth who have co-conspired with the devil’s agenda, and then see a complete turnaround and rebuild on proper foundations, for the advantage and advancement of the Kingdom of God, and His people throughout the earth!

What did the angels declare at Christ’s first coming but “Peace on earth.  Goodwill to ALL men”.  This is indeed His purpose and will for all mankind.  Stepping into the role He has provided for us, we shall begin to see events turnaround and great victories won, things that look impossible now, actually come into place, as we prepare the way for His appearing.

Dave Chapman 24th February 2021

Footnote: Scheduled for publication at the start of the Feast of Purim at sunset 17:35 hours, Thursday 25th February. The sky here is suffused with soft, deep pink glow on a few clouds!

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