God’s perfect set up – for victory! — Wanda Alger

Taking a stand for God’s purposes should not be motivated by stubbornness, but substance. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Heb 11:1) God has already provided abundant evidence of His plans for this nation through years of words, dreams, visions, and supernatural encounters by both seekers…


4 thoughts on “God’s perfect set up – for victory! — Wanda Alger

  1. “Though God is unfailing in revealing His intentions, He rarely tells us when or how they will manifest.”

    Quite. Unfortunately a lot of discouragement is caused by people saying they know how and when something is going to happen, and getting it wrong.

    What Wanda says is illustrated in the Brexit process: the fact that a genuine Brexit was made possible through what appeared to be defeats at the time. The hung parliament of 2017, and Gina Miller’s court case, that ruling that any agreement with the EU must pass through Parliament. In the aftermath of that election you did one or two blog posts referencing people questioning how so many prophets had got it wrong – but actually as it’s turned out those apparent defeats were necessary steps towards the goal.

    So it’s interesting how Britain’s and the USA’s political paths seem to have similarities in terms of learning to trust God and his prophets in the face of what seems overwhelming odds – and that this is obviously gripping ordinary people in America in the same way as Brexit did in Britain, not just being a matter of interest for politics nerds. It’s as if God is preparing the churches, or even our peoples, to learn much the same lesson, which might be relevant to that future close relationship of our countries in terms of revival which you’ve blogged about many times.

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