God will NOT be mocked! – Neil Mackereth

Neil writes me on Wed 13th January, “I know you are very busy and saw your plea! However, I felt called to write the attached this afternoon and it is time critical. I am sure we are about to witness something extraordinary, and obviously of God, in the USA.”


If a novel had been written, say 5 years ago, with a plot that described the events currently unfolding in the USA, it would have been dismissed as the outpourings of an over fertile imagination!

President Trump is undoubtedly an oddball who makes extraordinary and sometimes outrageous comments. Nevertheless, during his term of office he has done remarkable things for the United States and Israel (Arab states and elsewhere).

The greater his success the more it seems to have offended the Democrats and globalist left. For the most part, his achievements have gone unreported or under-reported. There have been continuous (unrelenting) attempts to ridicule, disparage and unseat President Trump. The heinous crimes he is alleged to have committed have received fulsome and salacious media coverage, while the subsequent revelations that the accusations were fabricated, have been glossed over.

The intense and blatantly biased media onslaught has even sown seeds of doubt in the minds of some of those who were once staunch supporters, “if that were possible”. The witch-hunt is becoming ever more apparent, characteristic of a totalitarian state. The hallmarks of an authoritarian regime include the control of the media, the broadcasting of propaganda, the monitoring and censorship of social communication, misinformation, defamation and the entrapment of opponents.

The USA stands on the brink of a takeover by a left-wing oligarchy. The coup, being realised by deep-state Machiavellian intrigue and corruption, is nearing fulfillment. A puppet-president, who will be “advised” (controlled) by tyrannical “insiders”, is very close to inauguration. This has nothing to do with democracy: We are witnessing an essential step on the road to a New World Order. At the same time, the economies of the world are reeling from the effects of the pandemic. Fertile ground paving the way for the Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” plans for a global economic system.

The magnitude and audacity of the deception we are witnessing is breath-taking. This radical global elitist group is challenging God!

So, there has been corruption, malfeasance and wickedness on a massive, worldwide scale.

How can it be addressed? First it is necessary to draw the “enemy” out (to reveal who they are and what they intend to do). That will only be achieved when they think that they are so close to success that they are safe. There are indications of some insecurity in the Democrat’s camp, as they seek to introduce urgent measures to remove the President’s authority.

On the other hand, the President is uncharacteristically quiet and it is not clear who is in his team and what his intentions are. It is best not to speculate, the only chance of “turning the tables” will depend on an unexpected and revelatory re-establishment of the rightful and Godly rule of law under the Constitution.

I have no idea how that might be achieved (and my having no idea is a good thing!).
What I am absolutely certain about is that God will not be mocked, His plans will be fulfilled, Jesus will return.

12 thoughts on “God will NOT be mocked! – Neil Mackereth

  1. Thanks – this puts me in mind of Jeconiah who, the last legitimate King of Judah in the line of David, was deposed and deported to be replaced by his uncle Zedekiah as a puppet of Babylon. Zedekiah rebelled and Judah was crushed with Zedekiah executed and fading to oblivion. Jeconiah, meanwhile, found favour with God and with the exiles in Babylon. He seeded the continuing and legitimate line of David through Shealtiel and then Zerubbabel (the Lord’s signet ring and prototype of Zion’s king riding on a donkey when he led the restoration of the nation)

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      • Neither Kris Vallotton or Jeremiah Johnson repudiated their gifting rather they admitted they had got it wrong, I respect their honesty Jeremiah Johnson has received much hate mail for being honest surely both these prophets and their families need our prayers. Trump is no longer president the prophets said they heard from God he would remain in the White House, Having been in the charismatic since 1968 I believe that it is time that we do as the Holy Spirit says and test all prophecy and stop being so gullible.
        Blessings Robert


      • Thanks Richard,
        I clicked on a link to Premier C News but not familiar with their content. Kris Vallotton, I have seen give some quite passionate prophecy in other forums regarding Donald Trump. Kris operates out of Bethel Church in Redding California. I have read that Christian businesses are being attacked by the forces Neil is talking about above with banks cutting off funding since last week, which will have a flow on effect to corporate sponsorship of churches. Will we see churches fall into line quickly to prevent funding issues. I pray that God steps into this situation.

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  2. Amen and amen. May Almighty God intervene directly, even at this late hour, in order to STOP the inauguration proceedings tomorrow, through His Mysterious Ways. In Christ’s Invincible Name. Amen.


  3. Neil’s worst fears confirmed already with the scale of executive orders already passed. The global media calls Joe Biden a unifier as he pours petrol on the flames of division. I pray for the USA and I pray for truth.

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    • Agreed Phil. Globalist media’s ‘duty-bound’ hypocrits’ oath would do that because, being led by anti-Christ spirit, say and demand that evil is now good and insist Godliness and following Him is evil.
      I hope and pray ALL Americans and others now recognise the deceit in their so-called leaders they wanted to replace our brother in Christ.


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