Prophet confirms from Scripture the USA is in God’s snare

After carving out some time to listen to this video recommended by Chris Moyler on his Facebook, I was awestruck that what prophetic Johnny Enlow brings confirms a title of one of the posts on this blog!

First however, let Chris introduce this interview by Steve Schultz on Elijah Streams :

“Dear Friends, WE ARE, RIGHT NOW, IN THE BOOK OF NAHUM!! WOW!!There is a JUSTICE from the LORD, that is coming to the earth, and it WILL NOT be stopped!!

“Very interestingly, at 33:30, Johnny explains the true background to the RED TSUNAMI prophecies, concerning the 2018 Mid-Terms – an amazing new insight!

“This election fraud has been going on for quite a while! “NEVER AGAIN WILL YOU PLUNDER NATIONS! THE VOICE OF YOUR PROUD MESSENGERS WILL BE HEARD NO MORE!!”


C xx

Johnny is on-target in presenting a vital understanding by likening America’s deep-state activities mirroring the ancient Assyrian empire. AND that prophet Nahum’s book refers to such strong warrior-like characteristics of God.

I comment:

“This profound, exceptional message is a ‘must listen to MOST carefully’ and is especially interesting on several points; not least that 25 years ago in middle of huge upheaval and attack I heard “Nahum 1:9” and it later proved most helpful.

“I met Johnny many years ago and am reminded of our similar way of being led by the Lord in ‘connecting dots’ – what I call pieces of God’s Invisible Jigsaw, as well as His GPS system or Global Prophecy Signals, as in dozens of blogs. [He speaks on this just before the section Chris refers to above.]

“What he claims the Lord is saying about treason – even by self-styled Christians – and likely trials and death penalty, accords with my prayers for His direct action against deep evil, and fits in with a lot of emerging evidence I’ve read – as well as recent prophecies of the Lord’s justice starting to manifest.

“MOREOVER, his refc at 14 mins to “God the Ensnarer” performing a massive ‘sting operation’ also mirrors my blog title on God’s snare depicted in a prophetic painting, the focus of which is upon Pennsylvania!”

The important thing to note is Yvonne Coombs didn’t give any title to her Fbk post and so I wondered what heading to give my blog. Moreover, I sensed it connected into significant events in the history of the founding of the United States and the election.

So I entitled it, Heaven’s snare and stairway over USA on Eve 400th Anniversary of Arrival of the Mayflower!

NOW, I’m intrigued to find Yvonne republished it the day after I commented to Chris. I asked if perhaps she’s seen his entry and my comment buried in extensive thread, but she writes,” Sorry I haven’t seen it my brother. Perhaps you could help out here?”


I hope you will set aside time to seek the Lord and watch this important video 

2 thoughts on “Prophet confirms from Scripture the USA is in God’s snare

  1. Sorry if this gets long, but bear with me. It reminds me of an experience I had in 2002 when I first began to use the internet and communicate with a brother in Christ in the USA. I was in the middle of a ‘wilderness experience’ in Nova Scotia, Canada, after coming out of a very legalistic church where money was the bottom line, and finding myself needing to walk one day at a time only, in the Presence of the Lord. I was learning to take up residence in His Presence based on putting into practice His teachings in Matthew 6:24-34, especially the part about ‘giving no thought for tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.” I had a sense I was on a spiritual journey similar to the Israelites coming out of Egypt and receiving heavenly manna one day at a time.

    Meanwhile this brother in Christ in USA was sharing a bit about his situation in which he was financially constrained. He said about the Lord “He’s got me locked up here!” I responded “that’s not the Lord. He didn’t come to lock people up, He came to set them free.’ No sooner did I send that response, than something seemed to ‘come alive’ in the air which I now understand to be a huge principality of the enemy ruling over all of North America but primarily USA, related to financial matters. I had a very ominous sense that I was about to be attacked by it. The information came to me that I would get in a vehicle accident very soon.

    Within two weeks I had a very prophetic experience which involved the vehicle accident (nobody was hurt). It began with my young daughter asking me to teach her to swim in water over her head. She had a play-date with some friends that involved swimming in a pool and all of them knew how to do this, but she didn’t. I responded by taking her to the local public pool.There I first jumped in the deep end to demonstrate how it’s a law of nature, that the human body floats to the surface every time, and then swimming can begin. I encouraged her to try while I was right there ready to deal with any problems.

    I watched as she faltered, too afraid to try. So I reassured her it was fine with me if she didn’t and we’d just go home, no problem. But, she’d still have the same issue she was facing about needing to swim with her friends. Or not. Either way there was no condemnation and it was entirely her choice. Finally I saw her take the big leap. She trusted me enough to jump into the water over her head. Soon she was getting the idea and laughing joyfully at being able to swim in water over her head. She even tried jumping off the diving board in the end.

    Then as we left the pool the vehicle accident occurred. I was trying to make a right turn at a stop sign while someone made a very sudden left turn directly into my path. I hit the back of his car with the front of my van. Law enforcement soon showed up and I heard the Lord say to me “Why not rather be wronged?” The other driver quickly pulled his car away from the accident scene so it couldn’t be obvious how he had been wrong. I knew there was something huge about this related to the spiritual realms. I had to act on principle alone to walk through it with the Lord. I saw the other driver was an elderly black man who looked like he’d been through a lot already in his life. I ended up taking the blame for both of us, and we carried on. That proved to be the key to overcoming this huge principality over the USA. People make mistakes, sometimes big ones. The body of Christ needs to be ready to forgive one another and bear each other’s burdens to find victory in Himself.

    Hindsight vision shows me it’s directly related to one of the main differences between God’s Kingdom manifesting in USA versus Canada. I can see how USA would appear to be ‘in a snare’ or ‘locked up’ due to the financial constraints and the hijacking of the political system which is all about the economy. The enemy of our souls would like for us to think we are powerless without a sound economy. Therefore if the political party that would do right by the economy does not gain control, it appears that all is lost. The truth is, the freedom for which all of creation awaits, is directly ahead for those who know how to step out in faith, walk it out with the Lord one day at a time as the Israelites did coming out of Egypt. It’s like taking the attitude of plunging into water over our heads spiritually speaking, and counting on His laws and precepts to keep us afloat. It’s the key to rising above the systems of this world to reign with Him in His Kingdom.

    I’ve seen that Canada is like the wilderness experience which can make or break the people of God. He leads us to go there to test us and see what’s really in our hearts. Do we really think it’s HIM keeping us locked up, or is it in fact the law that keeps us locked up until we step out in faith? (Galatians3:23). Are we able to be grateful for all He does one day at a time or will we grumble so much we never reach the Promised Land? Even Moses fell short because he considered himself equal with God at one point, rather than His servant only. He represents the law that keeps us locked up, or ensnared.

    I walked this out with the Lord for exactly 1260 days from January 1, 2000 to mid-June 2003. Then I had a vision of coming into the Promised Land. Had a powerful experience with the Commander of the Lord’s army who met Joshua outside the city of Jericho. As I prayed about a particular financial matter related to my young daughter I had an open visitation and experience of Him catching me up and putting my heart in the hottest part of a flame, to see what my real motives might be. It felt like the tip of His Sword was directly pointed at my heart, separating soul from spirit. It was all about dealing with the influence of money, and overcoming the deceitfulness of wealth in the body of Christ in North America.

    It’s amazing what happened when I refused to live for more than one day at a time after that. At one point when I had a rent payment coming due and no money to pay it, I refused to even give any thought for that day before it came. I had to find out if the Lord would act on His Word and He did. On that day I got a knock on the door and the mail delivery person put a parcel in my hand. It had no return address. Inside was $400 US cash and nothing else. To this day I don’t know who sent it. All I know is it came from the USA as the Lord proved His Word is true.

    So I know it is NOT the Lord who keeps us locked up, but it is the enemy who seeks to convince us God wants us held back, held captive to the law, instead of walking with Him by faith one day at a time. The Promised Land is directly ahead for those who take up residence in His Presence, one day at a time.

    Meanwhile this vision of USA being ensnared, or caught in a net, speaks to me of the adverse influence of money. When even the most prominent evangelists are too focused on money, this gives an open door for the enemy to oppress the nation itself through the deceitfulness of wealth. I believe I’ve seen that some of the most wealthy evangelists have committed gross deception of innocent people in the body of Christ, in order to become millionaires themselves. It seems to me this is the spiritual doorway left wide open for the enemy to attack the state in the same way. I believe it calls for the body of Christ to clean up their own houses first, and repent of any fraud or deception in order to acquire wealth, in order to have the authority of Christ to render this same thing null and void in the governing authorities over USA (same goes for Canada).

    All for your prayers and discernment.

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