2018 prophecy of modern David demolishes gigantic tower – John Kilpatrick

On 1st September Revd John Kilpatrick recounted a dream of two years ago in which he saw a modern-day David suddenly demolishing an intimidating, elaborate structure gigantic tower of evil as it’s being built…

He concludes,

“This dream, I feel in my spirit, is right at the brink of happening…I believe before long we’re going to see this come to pass.”

Then on 2nd December, attorney Lin Wood cites the fall of the walls of Jericho at this rally:

NEXT, this morning I’m reminded of both items by Graham’s comment upon Georgia’s busted…:

“This is the sense that i had in prayer over the US yesterday; (to be tested of course)

“I saw the 6 states that Trump’s legal team are contesting; Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Nevada as medieval walled cities under siege from the Lord’s armies. We are negotiating at the city gates. I had the sense that Georgia is about to fall and her gates would be opened soon. Then the others would fall like dominoes soon after. But that Pennsylvania would be last. i saw something like a Gordian knot ( i had to look it up!) at the gates of Penn that would need expert help to break; but the Lord was sending in skilled prophetic intercessors and angels to work on it.

“If this rings true to you, be encouraged! Keep praying! Victory is near!

“I also notice that the British press are starting to put some of the truth on line. (ie cctv of dodgy deeds in a polling site) Is this an admission that Murdoch and Co believe this is all about to crack open?”

AMEN and again amen; MAY IT BE SO NOW LORD!

Next, he emails “Hi Richard, In follow up to my sense that Georgia will fall and the others will follow, look at this title from Breitbart News; and out of the mouth of Obama too! Barack Obama: Georgia Will Determine Future of Joe Biden’s Presidency and the World

“I think this may be prophetic but not quite as he intended!”

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